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  Digit 22:01 26 Jul 2005

Hi Back again Some time ago I down loaded I think it was called Big Foot or something like that and I let it sort my desk top out and it did. It lined them up all neat n tidy, problem is I have down loaded many programs since including Fire Fox just now and as usual it will say you will have a short cut loaded onto your desktop.
Never seen one yet, they are in the windows folder and I have tried to create one from there to the desktop but it aint there.
The only way round was to create a desk top folder and give it a name and copy to that to that folder, just occasionally you will see the corner of a icon on the desktop but you cant drag it out.
Any one any ideas, Yes I have deleted the program along time ago. I have put the icons in the middle one on top of the other but next time you boot up there they are all neat n tidy in rows. If I new how it worked I would install one in me house.


  phono 22:23 26 Jul 2005

Would this click here be of any help? I think it's great.

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