Desktop Icon will not go!

  BILL WHITE 18:14 07 May 2005

I have a dektop icon (shortcut) which I cannot delete. When I right-click the icon, instead of getting a menu of options, including 'delete and 'properties' , all I get is 'Send To'. I have tried running the wizard but this icon does not appear. I have also tried deleteing it by opening the @
'Desktop' from the C drive but when I select this icon and click on Delete from the left hand pane, nothing happens. I've tried dragging it to the recycle bin and also dragging it to another folder but again nothing happens.

The name of the icon is very long being'Test Your Skill' followed by a multiplicity of exclamation marks.

As I cannot access the 'properties' I can't learn anymore about it.

Any ideas ,please?

Bill White

  BILL WHITE 18:18 07 May 2005

sorry forgot to say running XP with SP2.

Bill White

  VoG II 18:18 07 May 2005

Try REmove on Reboot click here

  VoG II 18:23 07 May 2005
  BILL WHITE 18:37 07 May 2005

Thanks for yr fast response. Have tried yr suggestion but no joy. As I said, when I right-click the icon, the only thing I get is 'Send to' so the remove on reboot is seen, altho with all my other files/icons it is.

  VoG II 18:54 07 May 2005
  justme 18:56 07 May 2005

Is it possible to rename the file first? Perhaps the file name is so long that XP cannot handle it.

  BILL WHITE 19:02 07 May 2005

You are showering me with advice, thanks, but the problem seems to be that this is a shorcut and i cannot get to a file . I don't even know if it is linked with anything, it could just be a left-over piece of junk!

thanks for yr help anyhow, I appreciate yr efforts.

Bill White

  Diodorus Siculus 19:12 07 May 2005

What happens in safe-mode? Press F8 at boot to load windows in safe mode.

  Klof Ron 19:19 07 May 2005

Another try this click here

  BILL WHITE 19:29 07 May 2005

Thanks Diodorus, I'll try that at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I've had enuf tonite and will switch to red wine.

Re Klof Ron's suggestion :- I don't get any error messages saying for example that I cannot do something. It's just that nothing happens when I drag the shortcut onto the recycle bin (well it does 'move with the cursor but when i drop it on the bin the original shortcut remains in situ. And when I rightclick the shortcut all I get is the sendto option. this is the case when I hold down the shift key as I rightclick ( a feature which is supposed to reveal an extended menu of options)

I'm cleaning up my computer to give it to my daughter and have deleted everything of my own except this pesky icon. I'd really like to see it vanish.

Thanks again to all who have made suggestions.

Bill White

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