Desktop Icon puzzle!

  Southernboy 22:49 11 Jan 2005

Recently, on several occasions, I find that double-clicking on an icon does not open the program but instead, opens the Properties menu. Further, the icon remains highlighted, as do other icons if I try them.

The only way I can escape is to restart my PC. I use W98SE.

Could this be a mouse problem?

  Jeffers22 22:52 11 Jan 2005

Periodic glich with the icon cache I expect. I too get it occasionally on my 98 systems. Just another irritation we have to live with I guess - unless anyone knows different .....

  Jeffers22 22:53 11 Jan 2005

If I remember correctly, if you right click the shortcut/icon you get an option menu that includes "Open" which will get you by until the next reboot.

  Southernboy 23:02 11 Jan 2005

I'll try it next time it happens.

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