Desktop Icon missing from Quickstart

  Lemur 15:28 20 Feb 2003

I have this morning done something unknown to make this Icon disappear and cannot get it back. Any ideas please?

  Lemur 15:33 20 Feb 2003

Sorry, forgot to mention - Operating system is XP

  jazzypop 15:49 20 Feb 2003

click here , scroll down to the section about show desktop, follow the instructions for Win2000

  froggg 20:08 20 Feb 2003

also check your quicklaunch toolbar for two chevrons(arrows)click on them for overflow menu

  worf 20:19 20 Feb 2003

You don't realy need it, do you. If you want to see your desktop when you have applications open right click on the quicklaunch bar and select Show The Desktop

  Lemur 00:22 21 Feb 2003

Thank you all so far.

By using System Restore, I have been able to get back my familiar greenbacked desktop with just the icons showing, and have also been able to construct a desktop icon for desktop, which I have then dragged to the Quickstart area. BUT, when I click on that new icon I get a set of desktop icons with a white background and a toolbar at the top.

Thank you worf for the way round the situation which I have tried and it works, but I do really want my computer to be as correct as possible, so please continue to help if you can, especially regarding the previous paragraph.

Thanks froggg for your suggestion - nothing hiding there!

jazzypop - thanks, but I failed to find the files: Windows\System or Winnt\System32 folders to save in, and when I tried to create one, the system would not permit a backslash.

  jazzypop 02:54 21 Feb 2003

If you right-click My Computer, and choose Explore, you will see the drives on your PC.

Hit the plus sign next to drive C:, then for Windows, then for System32 - that is the folder that you need to place the file in.

  worf 17:28 21 Feb 2003


The files jazzypop are on about may well be hidden you may have to show hidden files to find what your looking for. That other item you mention (white desktop etc) sounds very much like the Active Desktop facility. There is a way of deactivating Active Desktop, as I have done on mine but unfortunately the old grey cells are being a little slow at the moment and I can't remember (yet) how I did it.

Do you have TweakuiXP?
If you have open it up and scroll down to the repair section in there there is a rebuild icons function. Give that a go and see if it works.

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