Desktop has turned 90 degrees right?

  sawuk 08:13 04 Sep 2009

I am running Win XP Pro and our dog stepped on the keyboard yesterday and now the screen has turned 90 to the right and I dont have any desktop icons or a mouse pointer.

I have tried safe mode and it loads the correct way up but still have no mouse or desktop icons.

Can anyone help?

  mooly 08:22 04 Sep 2009

You have to laugh :)
Can you run system restore from safe mode ?
If you google XP display 90 degrees there are thousands of entries.
Does the right click function work if you click the desktop... is there a "rotate option" in any Grapics properties.

  sawuk 08:25 04 Sep 2009

I cant run system restore, I dont have right click capability and I have tried many ways from googled websites and still no luck!!! :(

  Picklefactory 09:34 04 Sep 2009

If I remember rightly, on XP it's Ctr+Alt+"+" or Ct+Alt+"-" to rotate screen, not sure if it's on all versions. It tends to be a mis hit on keys and people don't know what they hit.

  birdface 09:42 04 Sep 2009

You can use the up-down keys on your computer to reach system restore.or try pressing the Windows logo on the keyboard.And if that works using the same keyboard buttons go to help and support and start System restore that way.

  Picklefactory 09:42 04 Sep 2009

I don't remember rightly, it's Ctr+Alt+UpArrow or Ctr+Alt+DownArrow

  Picklefactory 09:44 04 Sep 2009

Hmm that might be 180°.


  Stuartli 09:45 04 Sep 2009

Depending on your graphics card, there should be a feature to rotate the screen display via the card's Properties (for instance nVidia Control Panel).

Right click on an empty area of the Desktop>Properties>look for your nVidia/ATi/Intel etc tag>Open.

  Picklefactory 09:47 04 Sep 2009

..........Open Control Panel>Display>Settings tab>advanced, navigate through the tabs to find a rotate display option.

  Picklefactory 09:51 04 Sep 2009

I think the hotkey route might work depending on your video card, all 4 arrow keys combined with Ctr+Alt can work on some cards, only two options on others and none at all on yet more cards, just have to try it and see.

A mate at work did accidentally a couple of times, much to our amusement and the consternation of our IT dept, who hate having to actually come to a machine and do something.


Hope that helps

  Stuartli 11:10 04 Sep 2009

Same thought, but a different route than via Desktop..:-)

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