desktop gone mad after modem/router install

  pookie 13:19 05 May 2006

hi - i have put this as a double post (also in networking section) as ideally i'd like to know the answer before i go home today.

at home i had a desktop which is on broadband (cable along floor) tiscali 2Mb with uncapped. i also use a laptop for work which has wireless card built in but at home i had installed tisacli on it and switch the actual usb line from desktop to laptop depending on which I was using for internet access. at work the laptop is only wireless.

i got a d-link 54 modem/router. desktop is cabled to modem and laptop is wireless.

I followed all the instructions and all worked really well. However last night my desktop was messed up. on boot and reboot it can connect to internet but will not let you type in anything - if you open a program it opens multiple copies eg regseeker opened 60+ times. mouse movement and the opening of programmes is accelerated it seems 100 times. Just moving the mouse opens programs. Firewall is on secure settings on pc and firewall in enabled on router. adaware picked up some bits but no virus was been detetced and all patches etc are up to date. it seems too much of a coincidence for this not to be new router/modem relalted. i can't get into msconfig to see what is starting up.

would it matter that I started up the laptop first while the desktop was off. Also I was using both laptop and desktop next to each other – would that matter

help!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t fancy a reformat.


  rmcqua 13:28 05 May 2006

Can you get in far enough to do a system restore?

  pookie 17:05 05 May 2006

many thanks - no, i haven't tried a rstore but i will do when i get home. i'm just concerned in case i've done something stupid

  pookie 22:37 05 May 2006

this is so embarrasing - turns out one of the keys on keyboard was stuck - i loosen't it and all is ok.

another query though - can i turn the modem/router off at the mains when not in use or will i loose any settings??


  terryf 23:08 05 May 2006

Probably ok but I leave my router on all the time, if I do switch it off, it is to re-boot it and it just goes through its re-boot routine and I wait until the lights stop flashing before I switch on the pc

  woodchip 23:17 05 May 2006

Does it do it if you start in Safe Mode?

  woodchip 23:18 05 May 2006

The router will not loose Settings if turned off.

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