Desktop Folders & Files have become shortcuts!!!

  RyanMartin1994 13:05 23 Feb 2015

Hi All,

I don't think anyone will be able to help me on this one but it's worth a shot.

Basically I have a tonne of folders and files on my desktop and decided to select all of them and paste them into another users desktop (there are 2 users on my PC). After I moved them over to the other user I checked if it had worked successfully but I found they had all become shortcuts. At this point I wasn't worried because surely the originals on the other users desktop must be there? wrong. They had also become shortcuts!

I have tried the 'Show hidden files' many time but to no avail. They MUST still be on my computer right? They're really important files and I do desperately need them. Would anybody have an idea on how to solve this issue?

Many thanks for your time,


  lotvic 13:23 23 Feb 2015

To try to find them: Rightclick on one of the 'Shortcuts' and choose 'Open Folder Location' (should be the 2nd item in the list)

Or: Rightclick and choose 'Properties' (last item on list) and look at the 'Target' in the 'Shortcut' tab - that will tell you where the file/folder is.

  robin_x 13:28 23 Feb 2015

Right click empty desktop and see if Undo Copy or Move is still available.

Right click a shortcut and Open Folder Location (if available) or select Properties and see if you can see location.

Or search whole drive for filenames.

Reboot or System Restore may fix things or confirm the loss. Don't do it till last.

  RyanMartin1994 14:01 23 Feb 2015

Thanks both, I will try both methods out when I return home. It is really unusual though! Where would these files have gone? is there a specific folder usually where desktop/temp files go?

  lotvic 23:41 23 Feb 2015

If you tell us your OS (XP, Vista, W7 or W8 or W8.1 etc) and the exact method you used, we could try to replicate your problem and offer relevant info/advice.

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