desktop and favourites invaders

  gjn2 17:31 19 Oct 2004

My desktop is constantly being invaded by icons for such things casino, dating, internet, pharmacy, printer cartridges, etc., etc., usually about 8 of them. They also appear in my IE favourites column and, far more annoyingly, my existing favourites list is reorganised into alphabetical order (but with the invaders at the top, of course). It's easy enough to delete it all, but re-ordering my favourites is a pain.

I have updated Norton AV 2002, SP2, AdAware & Spybot installed but none catch the stuff.

Any ideas will be very welcome please.

I can't for the life of me see any profit in these activities. They are so irritating that I'd never open one on principle - but maybe others see them differently


  THE TERMINATOR 23:46 19 Oct 2004

You need a firewall(dont rely on XP's), may I suggest Norton Firewall2004, it might be a good idea to update your NAV as well....T

  gjn2 11:08 21 Oct 2004

Thanks, Terminator. My Norton AV is OK for updates but clearly doesn't catch these invaders. My sub is due in January so I guess that's the time to get a complete Norton new package including the Firewall

  TopBloke37 12:21 21 Oct 2004

Hi gjn2 - Ive been getting exactly the same icons as you. Presume it's when we visit a certain webpage or program. I strongly suspect its summat to do with Yahoo myself. I have Norton 2005, AVG, Spybot, Webroot, Adware 6 & Spysweeper - all semm unable to prevent the arrival of these icons, plus I now have a rather annoying inch high extra "toolbar" at the bottom of my screen which always come son when i open IE and cant be removed! Any ideas???

  gjn2 13:17 21 Oct 2004

TopBloke. Oh dear, so presumably even if I put the Norton Firewall on, the problem doesn't go away. Whether it makes any difference, I don't know, but I very rarely use yahoo.

Does your favourites list get resorted too ?

I, too, get the extra block at the foot of the screen - essentially on a blue background? Mine has a x at top right, though, which closes it when clicked.

  TopBloke37 18:15 21 Oct 2004

Yes my favourites get added to and re-sorted and yes I too have the red x on my block at the bottom but unlike yours pressing it doesn't get rid. It's there on the screen permanently until you shutdown the pc then it reappears every time you open Internet Explorer.
Well if its all not originated from Yahoo I'm well & truly stumped! Mighty annoying eh!

  Gaz 25 18:24 21 Oct 2004

it must be an .exe file putting it there.

Id check to see if you can remove any start-up entries.

  TopBloke37 18:59 21 Oct 2004

Hi Gaz 25, forgive my ignorance, but how do you do that? What should I be looking out for and then when I find said object what then?
Cheers in advance.

  curlylad 19:28 21 Oct 2004

I would personally (but only in my opinion) disable XPs firewall and download Zone Alarm a free download from here click here and also I would get this program , a²free click here and see if the two of them can't shift your invaders !

  TopBloke37 21:48 21 Oct 2004

Well thanks for the suggestion about a squared 2 (never heard of them before) but it scanned nearly 60,000 files on C drive and found absolutely ZERO malware files. I dont need Zone Alarm firewall as i have Norton 2005 Internet Security .......... any other suggestions???

  VoG II 21:59 21 Oct 2004

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