Desktop Display Properties: Colour

  m800afc 08:02 30 Jul 2009

I have a greenish desktop image, and I use two monitors. Monitor one is landscape, and monitor two is portrait. The image does not fill the portrait monitor, it leaves a blank portion at the top and bottom of the screen.
How can I get the image to fill all of both screens. In the display dialog box the position is set to stretch.
Also, how can I set the system colour to a specific colour in the Custom Colour dialog box. I would like to set the following colour:
RGB: 51,56, 49 #818e7c
CMYK: 50, 38, 36, 5
HSV: 103, 12, 56, #818e7c
These colours are obtained from Xara Xtreme Pro 5.
The Custom Colour dialog box offers only HSL.
How do I obtain the values for HSL?

  m800afc 08:05 30 Jul 2009

Many apologies
Forgot to mention, my OS is XP Pro SP2.

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