Desktop congestion

  Cyclops 18:07 21 Nov 2004

Running windows 98 my desktop is suddenly awash with icons that are not shortcuts mostly dll files so reluctant to delete. eg dsogg.dll,dswrap.dll,tcp4w.32, dsmodplug.dll.
How can I get them off desktop safely? any ideas?

  VoG II 18:16 21 Nov 2004

None of those are familiar. Any idea where they came from?

  Cyclops 18:33 21 Nov 2004

Thank you for your interest. On opening a couple they are Headed Dynamic Link Library for 32 Bit operation. Could it be down to changing colour to 32 bit?

  VoG II 18:43 21 Nov 2004

"Could it be down to changing colour to 32 bit?" - I doubt it.

I suggest that you try a scan with a² click here

  mattyc_92 19:25 21 Nov 2004

This could be down to a virus, worm, etc... Some operate like this, but normally in your System32 directory

  Cyclops 23:34 21 Nov 2004

Thanks VOG Couldn't get registered with a2 so ran my Mcafee virus scanner with negative results.
will keep trying

  Cyclops 23:43 22 Nov 2004

Used A2 with no malware found. is there any snag to just moving these dll files somewhere else?

  Valvegrid 07:06 23 Nov 2004

Try making up a temp folder and move them to it, if no program asks for them after a couple of months its a fair bet they can be deleted.

  Cyclops 09:34 23 Nov 2004

Thanks valvegrid, Will try & report back.

  Cyclops 19:23 07 Dec 2004

Your advice has worked well thus far. Many thanks valvegrid

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