desktop cleaning

  daytimers82 15:03 30 Jul 2010

what's the best way to clean the pc base unit, the inside the fan the motherboard etc is there a pdf
Many thanks

  sunnystaines 19:00 30 Jul 2010

read these webs

click here

  rdave13 22:01 30 Jul 2010

I use a Dyson and a new painter's 1" brush and common sense.
Open case, disconnected from 'mains', hold vac nozzle a safe distance away while gently brushing off dust from nooks and crannies.
To clear dust fluff balls from CPU cooler veins then invest in an artists set of brushes.
If you need to go down the anti-static route then simply discharge yourself with the stainless steel basin first.

  onthelimit 09:38 31 Jul 2010

I've been taught that the safest way is with compressed air. Just hold the fans (antistatic precautions required) to stop them spinning (act as a generator and can blow sensitive circuits, as I know to my cost!).

  johndrew 09:52 31 Jul 2010

I favour the paint brush and vacuum method - doesn`t redistribute dust like compressed air. I also found a hose attachment for cleaning radiators that provides a smaller nozzle for getting into the crevices better. Source was Lidl on offer some time back but they may be available elsewhere.

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