desktop battery back up

  User-1300263 01:54 10 Jul 2009

hi i live in a little village and we get 30 seconds to 10 min power cuts all the time, is there a battery backup for desktops, i dont care if it only keeps pc running and monitor goes off, i just hate all the rebooting it all the time ? thanks

  robin_x 04:19 10 Jul 2009

You want an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

This one click here
will do you for 20 mins at 240W.

So assuming your setup is probably 100W for a typical PC + monitor. You should get nearly an hour.

If you have any power hungry accessories/cards,
go for a bigger capacity model. Or go for the next one up anyway, just in case/future expansion.

Search amazon for "UPS" to see various.

Or Google "uninterruptible power supplies"

  ambra4 04:21 10 Jul 2009

What you need to get is a UPS take a look at this one

Zigor Danubio 700VA UPS

click here

  robin_x 04:21 10 Jul 2009

Oh...if its IEC320 connector, not 3 pin socket, on whatever you get. Make sure you get the right cable.

  wiz-king 06:01 10 Jul 2009

I know your problem, until recently we had the same problem. All 12 PCs in the building have been fitted with 700VA UPSs, the battery life seems to vary but three years is about the time to replace the batteries. I haven't bothered with the program that will shut down the PC when the battery runs low. I have also put a UPS on the telephone switchboard and the fax machine but we are a business and need to have it all running during the day. I test the batteries in the units each year and make a trip to the local dump to get rid of the batteries in the recycling bin.

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