Desktop backgrounds have a mind of their own.

  ade247 16:07 07 Nov 2005

Hello anybody?
Can someone out there help me out?
The problem is this.
Any pictures I download from the internet I place in my designated folders in the 'My Pictures'folder.

What is happening is that these pictures are then also appearing as selections in the desktop picture selection in Control Panel>Display Folder.

I cannot seem to stop this happening. I have run Xoft Spy, Spybot SAD, and F-Secure Spyware to search for any possible problems. None Located!

Can you help me fix this as I have to keep deleting any pictures I download to also get rid of them in my desktop pictures folder, (they seem to be creating a shortcut to get in there?).

Thanx muchly for any help or advice

  Splork 16:18 07 Nov 2005

Are you saving the pictures as .bmp files? They will show up as desktop background selections if that is the case.

  ACOLYTE 16:22 07 Nov 2005

The default folder for desktops is my pictures,so any pic you put in there would show as possible desktop pics.They should only show up if you browsed to them and selected a different pic for the desktop.

  ade247 16:28 07 Nov 2005

Hi Acolyte, many of the pics used for desktop seem to be within the windows folder > web. I haven't selected any pics to be put in the desktop background list so cannot understand how they are put in there. This has only started happening over the past 3 days.

  ade247 16:33 07 Nov 2005

Thanx Splork, no I save as Jpeg's to a folder within 'My Pictures'. The pictures remain in there but some kind of shortcut seems to be created so that they also appear in the backgrounds list of pictures in control panel>desktop.
It's doing my head in.

  Splork 16:36 07 Nov 2005

Check what folder is listed in the following reg key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Wallpaperdir

  ACOLYTE 16:46 07 Nov 2005

Have you got any web content on the desktop?,
right click the desktop select/properties/desktop/customize desktop then the web tab and make sure the homepage and lock desktop icons are unticked.
When you browse from properties/desktop the my pics folder should open so you can select pics,you should also have the default ones in a list on the left,any you choose from my pics will show in that list,try setting a default windows backgound then the others should dissapear,when you look in the list again.
Unless the pics are in the windows web folder,if they are delete them from there and they should dissapear.

  ade247 17:01 07 Nov 2005

A reg value for the wallpaper dir appears in the folder current version as above but has no folder of it's own. The value reads %systemroot%\web\wallpaper.
Any pictures I download/copy to a folder do not get duplicated in the windows web folder but still appear as background options in desktop properties.
I do not have any web content in the My Pictures Folder and always keep the homepage and lock desktop icons unchecked in the web tab.
Setting a default windows background and even restarting does not remove them from the list.

  wee eddie 17:08 07 Nov 2005

is available as a Desktop Background.

The solution:

Create another folder called "ade's pics", or whatever, anything filed in there will not be available as a Desktop.

  ade247 17:29 07 Nov 2005

I have just created a new folder in my documents called ades pics and as suggested it has removed the offending pics form the background pics list. Thanx for that wee eddie. However, doing this means that the my pictures folder is kinda obselete because no matter what I want to put in there it it gets added to the background list. Until a few days ago I had to select a pic for it to be added to the backgrounds list but now it does it automatically no matter what the pic is. Even before this it only added 1 pic at a time when I selected it as a background to the list and this was removed form the list anyway whenever I wanted to replace it with a new one. This does not happen anymore.

Also the new folders I have made in the new 'ades pics' folder will not let me customize them to have thumbnail pics on the folder icon as they had in the 'My pictures' folder. I have even checked the folder type to be a photo album.

  wee eddie 17:42 07 Nov 2005

Choose Thumbnails

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