graham12 00:34 01 Jan 2005

Can you please help as just recently I have several items appear on my desktop like Bingo casino etc, have tried deleting these by right clinking but nothing happens and have also looked in add and remove programs but they are not listed

I have adaware, spybot and CDshredder installed can you please help

  Starfox 03:00 01 Jan 2005

Right click on your desktop,click on Properties = Display Properties + Desktop + Customize Desktop + Clean Desktop Now this runs desktop cleanup wizard and from here you should be able to remove the offending icons!

  LinuxPenguin 03:16 01 Jan 2005

if that doesnt work try dragging a box around them, holding the shift key and pressing delete.

failing that they have installed themselves as desktop items (as opposed to icons) which is what microsoft does for things like internet explorer etc.

  Mango Grummit 06:05 01 Jan 2005

You have been lopped. The only thing that will erase your problem is Lop Remover.

If you google for Lop Uninstaller or Lop Remover you may be able to find a download place. Now most will tell you that your security settings will not allow you in. If that happen to you I have a download link that will work for you. I won't post it here cos clicking it would start the DL straight off.

BTW, it's usually one of these dodgy messenger programmes (eg, msg plus) that has sticks this one on you.

  graham12 07:03 01 Jan 2005

have downloaded a lop remover and run the program but the items are still on the desktop so what next can be done

  Mango Grummit 07:15 01 Jan 2005

If you Google "bingo casino desktop icons" or similar you will find some help there probably.

Can't understand lop remover not fixing it though. You did reboot I suppose? Anyway, looks like a registry job - be careful. Good luck!

  graham12 07:48 01 Jan 2005

thanks for all your help will try what you suggested

  wee eddie 10:16 01 Jan 2005

remove all Restoration points that have been created after the problem started to occur.

If you search this forum using the words "remove"
"pop-up" or "Trojan". You should find plenty of well founded help.

  LinuxPenguin 16:31 01 Jan 2005

avg antivirus - click here it stinks of adware but it might be a virus... in case its adware : click here click here

  Technotiger 16:44 01 Jan 2005

Hi, click here

try the last 'click-here' on this thread.


  graham12 17:05 02 Jan 2005

I have found a way to uninstall these items but when I try it says my security settings will not allow this to download the uninstall program.

How do you enable your security settings to get this program

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