Deskjet Failure!!- Anyone Share the Experience?

  SABRE 00:02 27 Jun 2003

We have two HP970cxi's in our office. About two weeks ago ink started to appear on the desk under one of the machines. When examined, the black cartridge had completely bled into the bottom of the machine causing an awful mess. Thinking that this was a one off, we threw the machine in the skip.
Well blow me down, two weeks later the other machine has done exactly the same. Another machine for the bin!! Upon enquiring, I found that a new cartridge (always HP) had just been installed the day before. Problem points to a faulty batch of cartridges. Anyone had a similar experience?

  Stuartli 08:00 27 Jun 2003

My best mate has an HP 890C which began to play up recently and refused to print colours properly, despite always using the correct HP cartridges.

After trying all the checks etc listed in the HP diagnostic section he took it to be repaired.

However, it turned out that there was nothing wrong with the printer - the problem was with the two new black and colour cartridges he had only just began to use.

After the two cartridges were replaced by the retailer the printer worked perfectly.

  eccomputers 12:46 27 Jun 2003

You wont believe how many inkjet printers I've seen with incorrect cartridges in them (wrong code). Many people use cheaper brands and these too give wierd results. Occassionaly there have been bad batches of cartridges, but Im sure you could have cleaned the printers?
I dont know what it is, but I have found many canon printers seem to give up totally after the cartridges have been replaced three or four times. Maybe the connections wear out, but even cleaning them doesnt help.

I read recently that colour lasers may cost far more initially, but inkjets cost 10 times as much to run so the payback is quick if you do a lot of printing.

  Stuartli 13:52 27 Jun 2003

In the case of the HP cartridges I mention above, the correct ones were being used - my mate and I both ran all the tests before the printer was sent for "repair".

My own Canon BJC 600e is seven years old, is used extensively, still has its original print head and has been used, apart from the originals, with either compatible JR/Jet Tech or Cartridge Club inkjet cartridges or, occasionally, I have refilled them.

However, as I only pay £1.85 plus VAT for compatible cartridges (£2 plus VAT) for double capacity black) there's little point in refilling.

But CPC in Preston no longer have the JR compatible cartridges which cost £1.75 plus VAT for each colour for a pack of TWO cartridges; double capacity black was about 30p more per pack of two.....:-(

  Agent Smith 16:12 27 Jun 2003

Where is this skip exactly?

  Ellie3009 19:12 27 Jun 2003

I have seen this happen a Deskjet printer at work. Halfway througha page the ink just all pours out everywhere for no apparent reason and makes a huge mess.
I just hope it doesnt ever happen to mine, since it is currently sat on a new-ish bedroom carpet!

  SABRE 12:27 28 Jun 2003

Seems that mine is not an isolated case. Point is that if cartridges are faulty and machine is out of warranty, surely it is down to HP to replace the cartridge AND THE MACHINE as it is unusable.

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