designer or developer?

  Haze_9999 01:54 12 Jul 2007

studying to be a graphics designer, but thinking of switching dev. just seeking some advice from experienced people on what i should do.

click here

but are all developers viewed as computer geniuses? thats the certain vibe that i get and certainly shows on this website. and furthermore, the site provides a free trial version of Expression, dling it now has anyone else tried it?

  RicScott 17:39 16 Jul 2007

A designer and a developer in my eyes are 2 different things..Obviously, a designer designs and developer develops...
Developers work on the backend to produce all the scripts and site development in languages such as AJAX, PHP, ASP etc, basically making the site work to how the designer wants it to...

The designer on the other hand works the front end of the site, making it eye catching, interesting and colourful.

Some people do everything, some specialise in one or the other... Be what you want to be, you decide.

  Haze_9999 07:53 17 Jul 2007

thanks for your feedback, i understand what u mean. anyway, i posted up a picture of myself on the link just see what becomes of it. the site itself appears to very limited in terms of substance and theres interaction between individual. it could be alot better imo

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