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  AndySD 09:10 05 Feb 2003

I have been asked to quote for the design of a full colour products cataloge. The cover design both inside and out. and the rest photos and descriptions all supplied by them. Its the first large job we have been asked about and estimate its arround 50 to 60 hours work.

Can anyone help on approx pricing???

  Diemmess 09:41 05 Feb 2003

Know your competitors?
The Cover is going to be both the major expense and the decider.
From remarks from designer daughter .......who has clients in international food industry - she deals in telephone numbers and "pitches" for a contract. (I know she uses a photographer who charges £500/day just for a retainer!)
All this just for labels!

At the other end there are paste-ups for catalogues and price lists and here I guess you think of a number, keep it cheap and cheerful and don't expect too much by it.

OK you expect 50-60 hrs expense but must add a margin for that cover, unless you feel you will only have one chance then "guesstimate" a little less.

What a load of waffle from one with no personal experience but who just hopes to throw a few ideas into the melting pot

  Stokey 09:49 05 Feb 2003

What I have always done in these, unknown territory, situations is get my friends (either Mr or Mrs Smith) to go out to competitors for quotes.

  AndySD 09:51 05 Feb 2003

Thanks Diemmess

Its a full redesign of the cover and catalogue. But the details and photos are already provided.

The new cover design rough has got us to the last 3.... now they want a quote...

  Diemmess 10:02 05 Feb 2003

You are much further down the line than I guessed, so its crunch time.

Again guessing, you are selling a design not the final printed catalogue, so expect a one off payment if successful, and a write-off if not.

From the top of my head cost plus 100%, though that must be balanced between how much you really want the contract. If you really do want it that badly, the percentage could be cut severely, but no way down to a "loss leader."

  AndySD 10:24 05 Feb 2003

Yes its the design not the print.

This is where the problem came in I estimated costs at about £2000 to £2400 but was informed by a friend that I should quote about £9000 to £14000. Now even with cost + 100% thats only half his sugestion.....

Thats why I need advice.

  Stokey 10:30 05 Feb 2003

Only you know what your CTO (Contribution To Overhead) needs to be.

  AndySD 10:37 05 Feb 2003

Thats not the problem.... the other two are largish companys and to price this too low may be a mistake.

  €dstow 10:39 05 Feb 2003

Even for my smallest customer I would charge £25,000 - £30,000 for work such as you describe. Someone big - it would be correspondingly more.

Bear in mind we are based in Central London so there is a considerable "London weighting" on that fee. The fees quoted by your friend look to be reasonable if your customer can bear that.

If they're starting out and struggling to get going you could, perhaps, do them a "special offer" for the first work and build a good relationship on that basis therefore ensuring further work from them. They could in turn spread your name around as well.

Do not, whatever you do, work at a loss. If you can't make a good profit from the work you are best not even considering it.


  AndySD 10:50 05 Feb 2003


We (Gina and myself)only stated the company in October when she was made redundent. We have 4 medium sized firms who use us now for design, promotional and web design, but this one is a major UK company. Theres no way we will work for a loss as I wish to leave my preset occupation as soon as we know the workload can sustain us both.

  €dstow 11:02 05 Feb 2003

I wish you well. There is a lot of work and opportunities out there for good design companies.

I got a trip to Brazil and Miami late last year on a photo shoot, Singapore earlier in the year and doing the eastern seaboard of the USA soon!


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