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  KD88 23:28 16 Dec 2004

My daughter and I want to set up a website for her kart racing. We have no design software and saw the 1and1 package that includes Frontpage 2003. Does anyone know if this is a complete version on disk or is it just a download with just enough to get a site built. Also what do they mean by F/P extensions.
Any help and advice on this or other packages would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 01:44 17 Dec 2004

and yes, you will receive a CD. The FrontPage 2003 offer is for the full version, so you have no need to worry about functionability.

Frontpage extensions are server-side components that are installed by a web host. The extensions enable the more advanced FP facilities - such as web-forms, hover buttons,discussion forums and animated test effects - to work. You can publish a FrontPage site to a server without the extensions, but the special components won't work.

I wouldn't delay too long with this decision, the 1&1 promotion is only valid while stocks last, and it's been running a while now.

  Taran 13:25 17 Dec 2004

A close friend has recently bought a new laptop and was looking to invest in some web authoring software. By far the most cost effective method of doing so is to take out one of the 1&1 accounts, and that is exactly what I suggested she do.

She took one of the MS Business accounts on at about £140 for a year including a address and in return got more web designing and publishing tools, as well as image editing software, than you can shake the proverbial stick at.

Quite some time ago I posted details of the 1&1 FrontPage offer in this very forum and if I was amazed that it was offered at all back then, I'm doubly amazed that the offer has run as long as it has.

Frankly, I've no idea how 1&1 can do it but as long as they do I'm not sure I care to know...

Forum Editor is right though; it won't last forever.

The software itself is superb - there really isn't anything I can think of that you might want to put on the web that you can't do with FrontPage and the additional software you also get just makes things even sweeter. NetObjects Fusion 8 is an incredible program in its own right and despite being one of those "love it or hate it" applications, it can prove very addictive and is certainly capable of delivering the goods. If you couple that with the other programs you get, as well as a web address and hosting for it for a year, you really can't lose.

  slysy 23:01 17 Dec 2004


We use 1&1 for our hosting.

Having used their £1.99 per month package I can vouch that this is an absolute bargain.
You get an online web page creator which is so easy to use and there is a good range of templates.
It is limited to I think 8 pages and there is no FTP support, which will allow you to make changes to your site without having to log in everytime, providing.
I did find it, as a novice at the time, a bit hard to get my head around the naming of files and its struture.

We have since upgarded to their £4.99 package to be able to get FTP access, as well has many more extras.

Having been with them now for well over a year now, I have never experienced any problems with there systems. Everything works well from sales to support, software to hardware..

I also have a many contacts in Germany who use this company, one of which went to the same school as one of the developers.

Hope this helps.


  KD88 00:32 19 Dec 2004

Thanks for the replies, I will order on Monday.

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