Deploying Ghost Images

  Thalmus 21:59 18 Oct 2005

I'm trying to make some hard disk images that i can deploy to computers in my office for when a new PC is set up for a new user or for when a user seriously screws up their system

I'm using Norton Ghost 9.0 and i can only seem to write the image to the computer it was created on.

When I try to write the image to another PC the progress bar gets to about 15% then jumps to 98% and the image is not correctly wrtten to the disk.

I was under the impression that ghost images can be written to a computer that doesn't have the same hardware as the computer it was created on. The only thing that has to be the same is the HAL and all the computers are Dells.

Also when using the sysprep utlity on win xp it takes away the activation so XP has to be reacitvated, anyway around this?

Any help will be greatfully recieved

  Gaz 25 02:44 19 Oct 2005

Your not supposed to bypass the activation, unless you don't have enough licenses I dont see why you need to do it.

Norton Ghost cannot be really used in that environment - it's not exactly designed for offices - that could be your problem.

You are correct, long as the drivers are not installed for the devices - this should not be a problem installing on another PC.

  PaulB2005 06:37 19 Oct 2005

What version of Ghost are you using?

  Thalmus 08:52 19 Oct 2005

I know it can be done, i've sen it in action before.

With regards to the activation it is already activated and after using sysprep it needs to be reactivted

I'm using ghost 9.0

btw why do you also get ghost 2003 with 9.0 (two cds in the box) whats the difference?

  PaulB2005 09:10 19 Oct 2005

Because older version of Windows (98 and Me) can't run Ghost 9 so they give you Ghost 2003 as well. But you are only supposed to use one copy.

From the License Agreement -

You may:

use one copy of the Software on a single computer.

make one copy of the Software for archival purposes, or copy the Software onto the hard disk of Your computer and retain the original for archival purposes;

Note: this version is for archiving purposes and not cloning.

Do you have a license for each machine?

If you want to protect more than one PC you need a different version that will allow you to distribute the images.

  Thalmus 10:05 19 Oct 2005

If you mean a license on each machine for ghost then no.

What version will i need?
Is there a corprate or enterprise edition?

Even if I use the coperate/enterprise edition then will i have the same problem that i have now? That is using one image on computers with different hardware

  PaulB2005 12:44 19 Oct 2005

I think the version you have is intended for one machine and one machine only. I don't know enough about any other version to comment on what will or won't happen if you use it. Probably best to consult Symantec.

  Gaz 25 23:29 22 Oct 2005

Yes, there is actually a corporate edition.

I'm sure that will work.

  Gaz 25 23:33 22 Oct 2005

You need:

Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows

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