deny access to a devce on a network

  1973scotty 15:19 07 Jan 2011

how can i keep a linux tv box connected to a router, and have a wireless network open aswell.
can anyone recommend a router that has a good firewall built in and a wirelss on off switch.

so i have been asked by my local club to open the wireless network, but make sure no one can access the linux box via the wirelss network.

any suugestions

  mgmcc 16:17 07 Jan 2011

Does the "Linux box" have a software firewall that could be configured to deny access to the "pool" of IP addresses that would be allocated to PCs in the wireless network? Its own IP address would then be allocated manually from outside the router's DHCP pool.

The purpose of a router is normally to *allow* connected devices to be networked and, although the Netgear router I have can give connected computers Internet only access, this isn't really what you want as presumably the wireless computers need to access one another.

  1973scotty 16:31 07 Jan 2011

the clubs network is only for internet access only and, not for sharing information from one pc to another. the devices most likely to use it will be mobile phones, such as iphone or android phones.

what i would need is the linux box hardwired to a router, which will allow the linux box to be connected to 5 servers over the internet. but block any other device from cummunicating with the linux box.

but also to allow people to come into the club and use the wireless network, to connect to the internet only.but not be able to connect to the linux box.

  mgmcc 20:15 07 Jan 2011

Possibly the simplest way to achieve what you want would be to have a wireless router connected to the internet, which members can connect their devices to. Connect a (second) "Cable/DSL" router with an ethernet cable from its WAN port to one of the main router's LAN ports, then connect the Linux box to this. The second router would operate in a different Subnet (IP address range) from the main router and therefore the members' devices connected to the main router couldn't access the Linux box, or any computers connected to the second router.

  1973scotty 13:39 09 Jan 2011

cheers will give it a ago

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