Deluge of SPAM

  Batch 10:46 01 Aug 2006

Have others noticed a deluge of spam (especially Viagra related - do they know something that I don't?)over the last few weeks?

I'm getting this on different email addresses, some of which have not been used for some time.

Went through a plague like this in the past (maybe a couple of years ago) and just deleted them all and eventually they abated, but has started again now.

  Jackcoms 11:01 01 Aug 2006

You are not alone.

However, this excellent spam filter is highly recommended by many users of this Forum. I use it myself and you can 'teach' it to reject any e-mails with certain words (such as Viagra!) or phrases click here

  Batch 11:09 01 Aug 2006

Thanks, Jackcoms. I was just interested to see if others had noticed a significant upswing in volumes of late.

Previously, it had settled down to background noise, but seems to me like some of those [email protected]@rds have cranked up by several gears recently.

As I said, it's not just on one email address, so it's not as if a particular address has suddenly been sold on in a mail list.

Some of the addresses aren't even real, they are just [email protected] etc. (e.g. [email protected]) and there is no such address as "accounting", so these have just been "generated".

  silverous 11:22 01 Aug 2006

We've had a lot to a few people at work lately. In fact I sent out some guidelines to individuals as I *NEVER* get spam at work and have been here for several years. Some people have been here for 6 months and are getting 10-20 messages a day. The guidelines (roughly) were:

- Don't use work address to sign up for websites (other than work related/household names)

- If they must use large email distribution lists of friends (for jokes/personal emails) use their 'own' (e.g. hotmail) address and ii) More importantly perhaps....use BCC rather than distributing everyone's address around.

I really do see a correlation between how people use their address and how much spam they get. The exception to this is when your address is easily 'guessable' like [email protected] - I feel sorry for him as I suspect spammers have engines that will generate that kind of address.

  golfpro 11:31 01 Aug 2006

I subscribe to Yahoo plus for my email, have done for years. They have a spam blocker which you can set to High Med or low (mine is set to med.) but it really sorts out the spam before it gets to you. I may get one or two in one hundred mails.

  Taw® 12:46 01 Aug 2006

Batch currently has happened to all of my email addresses in these last few weeks. I just bin. silverous wholeheartedly agree with your advice and recommend people should follow it. However like you I have never used my works email for anything other than work and like you have never received spam in about three years, but thse viagra ones have been hitting me at work for around about two weeks, only about 3-6 a day, so I don't know how ithas happened. I never ever open one I put it straight in the bin so I am hoping that it will dry up after a while

  john-232317 14:11 01 Aug 2006

I use Telefonica and had almost no spam for years, but just lately about 15 or 20 a day, viagra, shares, watches, all from USA. When are they going to get their r`s in gear and ban spamming over there or is MS making too much money out of it.

  colberly 14:25 01 Aug 2006

Not only viagra but also phishing ones from various banks and building societies, none of which I use. It is getting to be rather a pain now despite the fact that they are deleted without opening.

  Spark6 16:52 01 Aug 2006

Has anyone noticed that this annoying rubbish is received less over the weekend than on week days?

Is it being sent during 'business hours'?

  bludywoman 08:02 08 Nov 2006

...eagerly read this for the last say month, I have been inundated (home user) with spam. I use orange's own...and have the spam filter on.....I would say that the spam/junk box gets about 30-40 per day....but I still get about 10 - 15 get thru. They are usually 'mail delivery system...[email protected] master error....and some with peoples names that dont exist....all crap. The annoying this is most days I have to empty the junk it is eating up my storage at a rate of knots.... I am quite interested in the previous comments about how you use your email account....I do occasionally forward on 'funnies'...and I only use this one account....I also use mcafee int st.8 but all this crap still gets thru....any ideas?...p.s. yes, had loads of viagra ones too!

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:07 08 Nov 2006

My partner and I have between us five active Hotmail accounts, which we have been using since before they started charging, but get only minimal spam. The Hotmail spam filters seem to work very well and are user customisable.

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