Dell XPS630i and Vista - system lag

  cactusjack 12:40 14 May 2008


My new Dell XPS630i system arrived yesterday - a quadcore system, 4GB RAM, Dual 512MB graphics. A real beauty. Upon starting up however, Vista has been very annoying.

It has made my experience of using the machine rather dull and painful. For example, there appears to be a large lag when opening programs - a lag sometimes lasting 2 minutes or more. This makes opening times of programs unacceptable. My XP machine seems a lot quicker than this.

For example, I tried to open Mozilla Firefox which I installed. The system lagged for over 2 minutes (i.e. stopped responding), before opening. I clicked on the start menu at one point, and it did the same thing. There are multiple examples of this 'lag', and it doesn't happen consistently to the same program.

I have had the PC for two days now, and all I have done is install some applications that are known to work with Vista. Also, this 'lag' issue happened right out of the box.

The PC itself is great in terms of the hardware - I can't fault Dell for that.

Do similar Vista users have the same problem as above? I have had the PC for 2 days and it is in good condition. I am split over what to do here. This 'lag' makes the PC hard to use at times. I have spent a lot of money on this. I could have bought an XP machine from another manufacturer and potentially faced fewer problems. My HP XP machine works great.

Would I be covered under Dell's terms and conditions to return the PC and monitor for a refund?

I have looked at the terms here, and it says the order can be cancelled / returned by the 7th day.
click here

Or I wonder if I should stay and gut it out for a few months till future Microsoft updates make things more robust?

P.S. In my original order, the monitor was height adjustable, but I was sent a different monitor that was not adjustable. I was initially prepared to overlook that until my use with Vista started!

Any comments would be appreicated.

  I am Spartacus 13:04 14 May 2008

Vista runs a service called ‘superfetch’ after the desktop loads which generates lots of disk activity. This can slow down the system for a period (on mine it’s around 10 minutes). However it still only normally takes seconds to load most programs and speeds up once the disk activity has settled down.

It’s possible that Dell has installed loads of ‘crapware’; trial programs or utilities that start when Vista starts up. You should be able to disable these using msconfig or uninstall them completely.

Why it should take 2 minutes to load firefox though I don’t know

  cactusjack 13:21 14 May 2008

It seems that when the system is doing one thing, it struggles to cope with something else, which is bizzare. For example, now it is searching for drivers for the Dell supplied USB keyboard, but while it is doing that, I can't open Internet Explorer, or Firefox, or AVG, or any other installed application... How bizzare. After the original process is done, all of the other processes happen quickly.

There are other examples where the system only wants to do one task at a time.

  cactusjack 13:28 14 May 2008

I am going to ring Dell today for a refund. It is within 7 days on receipt, so it should be ok hopefully...

Has anyone contacted Dell previously regarding refunds and have any points to note?

  cactusjack 14:00 14 May 2008

On the phone now with Dell, the technician wants to do service tweaks to speed up vista... I declined requesting a refund since it is within 7 days. Can I request the refund and reject their offer to troubleshoot instead?

  Rob_08 14:23 14 May 2008

See if DELL have finally got drivers together to enable you to run your XP on it, itll fly.

I returned my DELL a few months back as it was tied to Vista and i wanted XP on it, i know they were thinking hard of offering XP on their machines at the timebut i couldnt wait and bought a better system from Novatech which happily runs either XP or Vista (with great specs to !!)

If Dell tell you that they dont have the drivers to support XP 100% then ask for a refund.

Basically if the machine sold to you doesnt do everything you require or you arent entirely happy with it, you can have your money back. I did.


  cactusjack 14:24 14 May 2008

tech support has put me back through to customer care and is going to try and offer a redund. I ordered several accessories in the order - logitech keyboard and mouse, headphones, etc. They can't decide whether that is part of the main order too , since they are accessories.

Customer service employee says he can't hear me... even though I can hear him clearly and terminates the call :-(

  cactusjack 14:46 14 May 2008

Rang again, they said pick up of the 5 boxes had been confirmed. But nothing about a refund!

So I went through the whole situation again, the customer care advisor confirmed a refund would be issued once the collection was made.

I rang Dell again to ask them what address I need to write on the boxes. They said no address is needed and just a reference code provided would be fine.

Just to confirm, will the boxes find their way to Dell without Dell's address written on the boxes??


  starfish1 16:27 14 May 2008

I had a laptop picked up last year with just a reference number. I had no problems, and my card was credited in about 7days from collection.

  Rob_08 16:29 14 May 2008

Good luck cactusjack.

If youre looking for a good replacement try Novatech or Cougar. And use XP so you dont pull your hair out again. Cheer M8.

  cactusjack 12:44 15 May 2008

Am waiting today for Dell to pick up the boxes. Just to confirm, does Dell use Walsh Western for picking up PCs as well as delivering them?

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