Dell XPS M170 video fan chaos

  offlic3nce3 19:21 26 Jul 2007

Hey guys,
So I bought an expensive laptop last year (xps m170), it did well till now.
The video fans now bust and so my graphics card keeps overheating. I'm basically trying to get hold of a bloody fan which seems impossible. Dell will not sell that item, encouraging people to take up an extended warranty.
All the computer repair shops I've tried also say they can't get hold of the fan.
Anybody know of any compatible fans that would work with my laptop even if it's not from Dell.
Or how to get the official one?
Any help would be great.
Thanks, Sam

  brundle 20:19 26 Jul 2007

Which graphics card/model?

  offlic3nce3 03:20 27 Jul 2007

Its a nvidia geforce go 6800 ultra 256mb.

  PP321 07:47 27 Jul 2007

can you get a decent quality photo of it?

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