dell xps 420

  topperton 15:21 02 Jan 2008

hello everyone,

I'm buying a new PC and found this one at dell for £649 (dell xps 420) -

Quad-Core™ Processor Q6600
512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
3072MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2
640GB Dual Hard Drive Raid (2x320GB - 7200rpm)
Windows Vista

i would like to ask if anyone think its a good buy, or can anyone recommend a good company to buy from. I'll be using the PC for word processing and playing the latest games.

  skidzy 15:31 02 Jan 2008

I cannot see anything wrong with that spec at all,and not a bad price either.

Though do check on the psu,Dell do tend to fit under powered psu's.

  citadel 15:31 02 Jan 2008

that is good spec and will play the latest games well.

  topperton 16:04 02 Jan 2008

i'm on an online chat with dell,someone called sunni kilmar, do you think he can answer a simple question like the psu wattage, so frustrating.

  skidzy 16:10 02 Jan 2008

Simple answer is normally NO,but it is worth investigating before you buy the machine.

Though in saying that,i can totally recommend Dell totally.

Also do your research can haggle with Dell and get the price down a bit.
Maybe a few extras also.

  topperton 16:21 02 Jan 2008

i just come off the phone to dell,got fed up with online chat,it was really that bad. anyway, they said that the above specification pc comes with a 375 watt psu which is not upgradable. they cannot be serious, quad core and 8800gt running off 375w, this is a seriously underpowered pc,thanks for pointing that out skidzy.

  skidzy 16:26 02 Jan 2008

No problem topperton.

Thing with Dell cases,they can be a difficult to upgrade using the usual manufacturers hardware...basically you have to buy the hardware from Dell.

Try giving Novatech a ring and see what they have to say,excellent company and will build to order click here

Remember on the site,you need to add the OS.

  skidzy 16:29 02 Jan 2008

For example click here

  topperton 16:45 02 Jan 2008

thanks again,i checked out novatech and the same spec pc was the executer pro, with vista it was £885, thats why dell looks a good bargain if you could upgrade the psu.

  Ikelos 16:50 02 Jan 2008

I have the XPS and their helpline is in Canada for XPS machines, so of course you get english speaking help, and just as a matter of fact, XPS machines have a 24 hour helpline. unlike all the other Dell models it is a 8 till 5 job.

  skidzy 17:15 02 Jan 2008

I agree Novatech is a little dear compared to others.

How about click here
slightly under the power you required but is able to tinker with the build.

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