ARTY DAN 17:18 04 Feb 2007

I was wondering if anyone could help me, I am looking for a copy of either windows xp home edition professional or media centre edition, home edition would be fine its just that I have been looking at these operating systems on ebay the ones with the lowest starting bids and hoping they would stay that way but they haven't these are all, I add genuine 100 percent copies with the COA and product key.
I came across a copy of windows xp media centre edition for a dell machine it had dell branding on the c.d., on ebay. I asked the seller if I could install that on any computer say for example a hewlett packard this was his reply. The OS came bundled with a Dell computer, I have installed a different OS. This product key has never been used. The OS should install on any computer and not just Dell. I have installed Dell OS CDs on machines I have built myself.
May I also point out the ebay description describes the windows copy as new and it does look new in the photo.
What I need to know is it legal to install this dell copy of windows on my computer or would I be impinging copyright laws and if I am not would I still be able to get windows updates.
Thanks in advance, would appreciate any help on this.


  Woolwell 17:40 04 Feb 2007

This sounds like an OEM copy of windows supplied to Dell. In which case it can only be used on the machine with which it was supplied.

Personally I wouldn't touch it.

  Totally-braindead 18:01 04 Feb 2007

Would it work? Probably though I've never tried it. Would it be legal? I doubt it as most of the branded ones come with some sort of notification which says only for sale with a new PC or something like it. Would it update ok? I don't know. That would be my main concern.
I bought Windows XP Media Center for a new PC last week and it cost about £65. Its OEM so dies with the PC its on but hopefully it will last for long enough.
How much are they selling these Dell XP products for anyway? If theres not much difference then why not get a proper copy. Of course if you buy OEM it has to be installed on a new PC.

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