Dell, Vista re-install.

  darkreign 14:14 29 May 2008


Have a Dell Inperion 1720 2 months old, and started freezing.

Have AVG, spyware terminator, ccleaner, commodo firewall, and have run them all to find no major problems.

Contacted Dell, who ran a hardware test and found no problems. They have told me it's a software problem and will charge me £39.00!?! They slipped that they will need to re-format and re-install (they maybe able to re-set it to factory settings). Not happy to pay £39 for that, so told em i will get advice and get back to them.

Here I am for that advice. I have the os installation disk (no Key! and not sure if i need it?), and a utilities drivers disk.

Can i reset it to factory settings myself?

How do i re-format the system and re-install the OS? Do i just stick the disk in and restart?

Thanks in advance

  simmo09 14:38 29 May 2008

you could recover the currently install key, im guessing your vista disk is OEM which basicall means a manfacturer version, in your case dell (does the vista disk have dell on it by any chance?)

so first you are best getting this key back although it should be on the vista cd, cd sleeve and or the tower? Or use some utilities:

click here - click here=

also before you format make sure you have backed up your files, and more importantly have all driver utility disks on the ready, you will need them to get your sound and video, wifi etc working. If you have no disks for these backup your current drivers and zip them and put onto cd ready after the format: click here=

The important thing with format is preparation, you can do a trouble free format and clean install in around 10mins with no problems. Just take care and have what you need

  simmo09 14:39 29 May 2008

oh and the quick answer, dont pay the £39, it is a 10min job if you have done it before, but i believe you could do it yourself in an hour.

dont be ripped off

  ventanas 14:51 29 May 2008

The key should be on a sticker underneath. This will not be the same as that used for the current installation, which will be part of the vendors OEM batch. It is however to be used if the Vista dvd is used for the reinstall, and is still an OEM key.

I have two Dell laptops and have had to recover the system just once, which was a while back. As I recall booting from the Vista dvd gave me two options, either carry out a complete reformat and reinstall from the dvd, which is somewhat lengthy, or use a utility on the dvd to access the factory state image, which is on small partiton. Then its just as matter of letting the system copy this image to your hard drive, overwriting what is there. How it actually went I cannot now remember, I think I just followed the prompts. It took about ten minutes.
I will have a dig around because I must have found the info somewhere when I did it.
Get back if I find anything.

  ventanas 15:05 29 May 2008

OK, click here

Have a good read first. You expand the instructions by clicking on the relevant green button.

If necessary expand all areas that you need and print it.

  darkreign 15:09 29 May 2008

...the disk does have 'Dell' on it, and also "DS/N DE-0HX425-41350-XXX-DXXX" is this the key? I will look on the laptop when i get back home.

Had a look at your links, but the problem is i am unable to download and operate any program on it without it freezing. Can i not obtain from system (if it stays freeze-free?)

Have not uploaded any software on it. Everything on it was pre-installed before delivery. Also have a 'Drivers and Utilities, already installed on your computer' disk which should have all the drivers for sound card etc? what do you think?


  ventanas 15:16 29 May 2008

Yep, I've got all those discs as well, but I didn't need them. All I did was access the hidden partiton and restore from that. Maybe not as thorough, but a heck of a lot quicker.
I'm sure I kept notes of exactly how it went, but they're at home. If this is still ongoing tonight I'll post back then.

  ventanas 15:27 29 May 2008

If you want the excitement of a reformat and clean install

click here

  ventanas 15:33 29 May 2008

Should have mentioned, once the process in the previous post has completed you will then need to run your driver disk. This is very simple, you will be informed what has been detected, just go ahead and install them one at a time. I always start with the chipset, then graphics, sound, network etc.. Wait until they're all on before rebooting, despite any messages you get.

You will also need to download all Windows updates once you are back on the Internet.

  darkreign 16:09 29 May 2008

Will try the re-imaging process tonight and hope it gets rid of my problems for good (or at least a long while).

For clarification, should i install drivers from the disk or let windows do that itself?

Will keep this thread open for a few days until i'm sure everything is running as it should, if not, i'll post again (hoping you don't mind).

Thanks very much ventanas and simmo09 (some valuable info i wasn't aware of)

  ventanas 16:53 29 May 2008

If copying the image the drivers will be there.
If doing a reformat and clean install from dvd you will need to use the driver disc.

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