Dell Upgrades

  Diodorus Siculus 13:41 14 Apr 2005

My friend wants this: click here PC; can anyone tell me if it will be possible for me to add her current dvd rom drive and hard drive (as slave) to it?

I've heard of problems upgrading Dells but this seems a great deal.

Many thanks, Dio.

  BurrWalnut 13:50 14 Apr 2005

The HDD have, or used to have, a special skeletal caddy around them. I don't know it this is still the case or if they can be bought. They're only plastic pieces so can't be expensive.

  jack 14:18 14 Apr 2005

Dell like all large scale manufacturers make machines within a certain spec., by the 100's of thousands- So they can tightly specify what goes into the device and consquently commission special components/layouts for maximum efficiecy with minimum cost for that spec.
It will no surprise then to find that such machines
are limited in the amount of modifications that can be applied - built like washing machines - Who upgrades washing machines?

  rawprawn 14:25 14 Apr 2005

I have a Dell 4300, and I have upgraded it with another HDD and DVD RW with no problems.I fact Dell even supplied a book with the machine (Solutions Guide) which gave excellent instructions on how to do it and there were even spare racks to use to fit both the HDD and DVD RW. I don't know if it is the same with this model but you could always ask.

  amonra 14:42 14 Apr 2005

Regarding Dell upgrade, How many spare slots are there available for upgrading ? A lot of these "bargain" machines are full-up before you start, plus the power supply is a bit low powered. Just dont overload the thing. If you just want to do some word processing and send a few EMails, why not ! At that price - - - -

  bretsky 15:30 14 Apr 2005

As rawprawn, I have a 4300 and I have practically rebuilt the pc since 2001.

New Ultrasharp 18" flat panel, added new 120GB Maxtor HDD, added new DVD recorder,new pci firewire port and 4xusb pci card, new cordless keyboard & mouse and updated the ram to 1Gb sdram which was 128Mb, onboard sound and graphx NOT touched.

Altered the pc so much so that if I had to reinstall XP from the factory supply disc, I would have to reactivate it from $M/S

All seems to work in harmony with each other, touch wood!

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:36 14 Apr 2005

Forgot to mention my APC Back-UPS 650 power management unit, but as amonra says "If you just want to do some word processing and send a few EMails, why not! At that price"

bretsky ;0)

  ventanas 16:08 14 Apr 2005

I recently put an old Samsung drive into a 4600 as a slave. It shows in the bios as an unknown device, but works.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:18 14 Apr 2005

Probably worth the price then. All she wants is something for the web and some essay writing - she is not the type to get into anything else but I would like it to have a DVD drive. It may be worth the few pounds extra for their own DVDRom/CDRW combo.

Thanks and I will keep you informed.

Don't know if this will help or someone will be able to suggest something to help me. I am currently trying to fit another DVD R/RW drive into a Dell Dimension 5000.As BurrWalnut correctly says, the drives fit into a plastic skeleton/latch system. Instead of the normal screws you use to fit drives into a bay, you need shouldered screws which the latches use to lock the drive into place. After a month and half, the best I have got from Dell is that I need to buy a complete caddy for about £30.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:56 13 Sep 2005

I'd forgotten about this one!

Didn't buy it in the end - instead, I put together an older machine which does all she wants - and more - for less than £100.

Good advice re. Dell for future reference.

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