Dell in Top 10?

  Johnnny 11:50 16 Oct 2005

I'm looking for a new PC and on reading the various Top 10 lists wondered why some of the well-known manufacturers, for example Dell, do not appear. Are they not considered, are they inferior technically, simply poor value or is there an editorial reason for their exclusion?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:00 16 Oct 2005

Dell do not supply machines for testing....and they do not need to. They are excellent machines and good value, you will not go wrong.


  Forum Editor 16:20 16 Oct 2005

which are known for high build quality and reliability. They certainly aren't technically inferior - Dell is the world's largest computer manufacturer, and uses high-quality components.

  spuds 16:58 16 Oct 2005

Dell have no need to be in a computer magazines top 10, their review and recommendation would be most public organizations like the NHS,Doctors surgeries and the like.On the home front, the machines are slightly different but quality control is still tops.I would mention that a review on a Dell printer would achieve very little, they are all re-badged from other well known manufacturers like Lexmark.

  Johnnny 21:27 16 Oct 2005

Thanks for the feedback, it gives me some reassurance. But how can I compare, say, Dell with Top 10 contenders for a Best Buy?

  sharkfin 03:01 22 Oct 2005

If you get a configuration/parts list of a dell computer your interested in and find a similar spec PC in the top 10 list, you could compare it that way. Components are components so two similar spec computers should perform very much the same way. Its a crude way of comparing but I think thats the only way.

maybe someone else has an idea.

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