Dell SP2208WFP

  kriegsmarine 16:14 03 Jan 2012

my dell monitor has just stopped working, all was fine then just a blank screen. If I turn monitor off and back on, it does show my windows main page but within less than a second screen goes blank. I have now set up an old 15 inch size monitor, that works OK, so is not a problem with hardware/software Wish to ask before I spash out on a new monitor if this is knackered, has any other user had similar problem. If I need to buy new monitor, any suggestions on good digital one to purchase, min size has to be 22 inch, bigger the better, costs say up to GBP £250

  birdface 17:04 03 Jan 2012

If the computer works ok with another monitor it looks like the Monitor is on the way out.

Did you try and start it in safe mode to see if it was just the same.

Have a look in device manager and see if it shows any problems with Display/Graphics in there.

  kriegsmarine 17:46 03 Jan 2012

hello, at first I thought it was problem with hard drive, or as you suggest even the graphic card, but all is working ok on the small stand by monitor, so feel not a hardware problem. I tried to speak to someone at Dell but some woman asked me to hold and next call was disconnected, maybe should call back as I think might still be under warranty. I spoke to PC shop where I bought the monitor from and my details are still on their files. If no joy with dell then does look like I will have to spend some dosh on a new one, if so I intend to get a larger screen than the 22 inch that I was using. Thank You, buteman - KM

  birdface 18:20 03 Jan 2012

Free delivery from both of those,But shop around and see if you can get one cheaper.

With a bit of luck you may still be covered by Dell and get a replacemnt from them.

  birdface 18:23 03 Jan 2012

Sorry first one never came out right you have to copy and paste the whole address into the address bar for it to work.Or just go into Amazon for a look around.

  ICF 18:33 03 Jan 2012

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