Dell shuts down on it's own

  Lady Lara 19:51 10 Sep 2006

A colleague of mine, has a Dell PC and every so often it will turn itself off and you cannot do anything for about 1 hour or so (ie.. you cannot restart) as it wil not power up.... I thought it was the temperature but checks show this not to be the fault. We have removed all covers and put a fan on the back but still.... no joys? We have changed memory but still it powers off randomly with a varied wait before we can restart....

Any ideas before I format all and try total reinstall!!

  Mark5001 19:57 10 Sep 2006

Check the PSU it sounds like that could be at fault. Very much like my problems a couple of months ago, changed PSU and all was well.

  Lady Lara 20:15 11 Sep 2006

OK then... Its a Dell Dimension 5000. I am looking for a cheaper compatible PSU as money is stretched for this family... So far I have found £52... Can anyone suggest a suitable cheaper PSU?


  Lady Lara 17:35 27 Sep 2006

click here

This is the specs of the machine. Can someone please point me in the direction of a suitable PSU. Dell are quoting him £85

  dwaynedibbly 17:42 27 Sep 2006

Read the post headline and thought, finally some good news.
What a disappointment to find its only another dodgy piece of kit.
Does sound like a PSU problem though.
We use Dells at work and a few have had similar problems. Turned out to be a bad batch of PSUs.

  Lady Lara 15:33 03 Dec 2006

I bought a replacement PSU off ebay. Doesn't quite fit the dell box although it has all the same cables. Got is for £15 and not the £85 that Dell were after. I tried to power up but got a funny flashing amber light. Anyway I followed the Dell site advice and disconnected everything (HDD, CD, DVD etc) Then I noticed the 4 pin socket was not in the right way... I changed it, reconnected everything and hey presto.. One happy friend!!!!

Thanks everyone for helping


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