Dell printer problem

  willyv 14:59 23 Mar 2007

Hi all,
My Dell A920 printer is driving me mad. I have tried refilling a colour cartridge and it didnt work. Now i'm resigned to paying the silly price for ink and bought a new colour cartridge and that wont work either. Is it possible to damage the printer by using home refilled cartridges? When i try to test print, no colour ink at all comes out even tho i can see ink when i blot the new cartridge???Please help before i throw the thing out the window!!

  jack 15:13 23 Mar 2007

This would seem to be a software problem.
Dell printers are I believe rebadged HP or Lexmark
These printers are Bubble-jets.
That is the print head come built-into the cartridge
So change cartridge you change the head.
Just to confirm this -to ensure my knowledge is not totally out of date- does the cartridge have a printed circuit on the side and a 'flat' base?
Or has it no circuit and a hole in the bottom?

If it is the former then I advise you to remove the driver software and reinstall.
In so doing ensure you are off line and your antivirus soft ware is switched off before doing the install and then follow the prompts precisely.

  willyv 15:21 23 Mar 2007

cheers for the quick reply,
it does have a printed circuit with a slit from where i presume the ink is dispatched. the cartridge was a remanufactured one from an ebay power seller but i presumed it was a hardware prob.

  jack 15:50 23 Mar 2007

It does have a printed circuit with a slit from where i presume the ink is dispatched. the cartridge was a re-manufactured one from an ebay power seller
There is a strong possibility that this is a dud then.

A bubble jet as this is has 64 = jets per colour
So if this is say a colour cart containing 3 colours that is 64x3/
Each jet is a fine tube- finer than a human hair which incorporated a heater wire.
On command from the computer print spiller - combinations of heads heat up - vapourise a spot of ink and puff out ink onto the paper.
Prolonged use will burnout the heaters- prolonged non use will clog the heaters
put in wrong formulation ink and it will dry-out.
With these types of printer you cannot afford not to use them any more than you can afford to overuse them.
If a printer is out of use- remove the Carts and place in a snap-shut poly bag with a damp tissue
and place somewhere cool - the back of the fridge is fine.
If the device is used occasionally
Make sure you print a full colour print at least once a week

  willyv 16:10 23 Mar 2007

Does that mean the chances are that the cartridge is a dud? I may have used the wrong sort of ink on an old cartridge (now discarded) but from what you say this should have no ill effects on the printer in the long term.
Do you reckon the best bet is to get a refund or replacement?

  willyv 16:12 23 Mar 2007

Oh yes,
Tried the reinstall and it made no difference.

  jack 15:53 24 Mar 2007

Dud Cart then -
There is a possibility the contact strip on the side is not making good contact- this is sometimes a copper circuit on a 'film'- if it is in this case and is flexible a thick piece of paper behind it may be enough to ensure contact-but in the long run- get a refund.
Then try the regular 3rd paryt cartidge folk such a Choice and all the other well known ones

  willyv 16:32 24 Mar 2007

cheers matey,
will do.
thanks for the help.

  benson68 12:57 16 Mar 2008

My colour cartridge has been changed twice, & still it doesn't print. I wondered why the original cartridge had run out so soon after I had it re-filled.
It must be something to do with the printer itself.

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