Dell printer driver

  tlr 21:06 25 Jun 2005

My parents have just bought a new printer (Dell photo printer 720) they are on windows 98 and the instructions say the printer is compatible with windows 2000 and XP.
Does anyone know of a driver that will enable them to use this printer with their operating system?


  De Marcus 21:09 25 Jun 2005
  De Marcus 21:12 25 Jun 2005

apologies, the link is only for 2000 and xp :-(

  tlr 21:15 25 Jun 2005

De Marcus
Thanks for that but the link is for the 2000 and XP operating systems, I am looking for a driver that will enable them to use the printer on Windows 98


  tlr 21:16 25 Jun 2005

Beat me to that reply :-)

  De Marcus 21:17 25 Jun 2005

I don't think you'll have any luck, have you tried compatibility mode?

  De Marcus 21:19 25 Jun 2005

most dell printers are made by lexmark, and in most cases you can use a lexmark driver, however after a bit of research the lexmark drivers don't seem to work :-(

  tlr 21:22 25 Jun 2005

I have also read the Lexmark connection also the cartridge compatability problems.....might have to try and sell it for them and get them to go mainstream with a HP or Epsom

Thanks anyway

  dukeboxhero 00:01 26 Jun 2005

the 720 is the lexmark but wont take lexmark cartridges dell give it free with a lot of there offers good enought printer but cost a mint for cartrides

  dan11 00:13 26 Jun 2005

try this. click here

It's a workaround for 98se. Use the logon as " drivers " and password "all ". It will ask to create a new account, just continue.:-)

  dan11 00:23 26 Jun 2005

Extra info click here

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