dell power issues

  djbenny 22:44 26 Sep 2009

i have a dell inpirion 6000 and for some reason the power socket on the back does not seem to work correctly is there a fix for this as i feel it may have been yanked a bit?

  PalaeoBill 22:58 26 Sep 2009

In my experience, the power jack on the Inspiron range and Dell laptops in general does seem to work itself loose from the motherboard. I have repaired a number of them over the years, company ones and for friends and family. Sometimes it just needs re-soldering, sometimes a new jack is needed (they only cost a couple of pounds on e-bay).
There are still local electrical repair/TV repair shops about that may do it for you for at a decent price. Specialist laptop repair places tend to charge around the £100 mark so probably not economic.
Ask among your friends, they may know someone who can solder to a high enough standard. Its not for the faint hearted though, there is very little space around the jack and other components come right up to it. Someone who says they can solder isn't always actually capable of working cleanly on a laptop circuit board. I've spent hours repairing a board that someone else tried to put a new power jack into.

  djbenny 23:35 26 Sep 2009

ok i'll jhave a look at it first i do laptop and computer repair work anyway just not soldering yet as i dont trust myself not to mess it up!

hopefully it will be an easy fix...

  PalaeoBill 09:38 27 Sep 2009

You need a soldering iron with a tip that tapers to a point, something like a 0.5 or 0.8mm. Don't attempt it with a spade or chisel tip or you will end up shorting out half a dozen components.
Really steady hand, use a screwdriver 90 degrees to the iorn to brace and steady the iron if you need to. Don't leave the tip on the connection for more than a second, just until the solder melts.
Using a magnifier also help.
Good luck.

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