Dell PC's

  ThePharcyde007 13:00 22 Apr 2004

From all your experiences, I would be interested to know how you guys rate 'Dell' Pc's

on a scale of 1-5 can you grade your overall 'Dell' pc and customer service be interested to hear your comments!

Please give model followed by 1-5!

Thank you for all your help

  ened 13:07 22 Apr 2004

Scale of 1-5? -10

Only speaking from personal experience but your ability to have any meaningful communication with them ceases the moment they get your credit card details.
AND you have to call them on 0870 number.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:22 22 Apr 2004

i have an old Dell laptop i think its called an x86. any way i bought it second hand with OS win 2000, had it over a year no probs works great does what i ask, only thing is, takes a while to finish loading even with most start up with win progs disabled. but otherwise have NO grumbles.

  Jackcoms 13:53 22 Apr 2004

Dell PCs = 1 (where 1 is the best and 5 the worst).

Dell Customer Care = 5.

  byfordr 14:39 22 Apr 2004

Dells Indian helldesk 1
Dells Irish Helpdesk 5 (extra points for having a sense of humour as their jobs are shifting overseas, also genuinely helpful)

Build quality 4 No real problems, generally good kit. Possibly problems with upgrading later depending on the product purchased.

Generally its worth buying from Dell in cycles, a deal on the day. You can pick up some fantastic offers that no other company can touch, or they are slightly over priced. The biggest problems I find is getting e-value codes to work.

Look around for double memory, double hard drives (har drive are cheap, not so useful) upgraded optical drives and uprated warranties. Its a case of either being lucky on the day or waiting until the offer comes around again.

ps...brought 2 dells with no problems, 1 dell with late delivery (nicely compensated) Absolutely no hard ware problems.


  Lozzy 15:01 22 Apr 2004

10 out 10 in all area's. There not the fastest but they sure are the work horses of PC's. I compare them to Volvo's and SAAB's will go and go and go.

  rawprawn 16:23 22 Apr 2004

Dimension 4300 I agree with lozzy, no problems with mine, but shouldn't this thread be in consumerwatch ?

  Sir Radfordin 16:26 22 Apr 2004

To business customers they are one of the best in all areas.

Home users tend to suffer a bit.

  ted bear 18:30 22 Apr 2004

bought 2 x dell comps first was a dimension xps266 bought in 95 or 96 still going strong and never had a prob with 10 out of 10 a real work horse - other is a dimension 8200 much poorer quality bought oct2001and i have had quite a few probs already. 4 out of 10
customer care 0 out of 10 - just after i bought my 2nd comp windows xp came out - i upgraded to xp and they refused any support for my comp unless i reinstalled windows me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:54 22 Apr 2004

They are good computers and many businesses use them. The fact that they give stonking great discounts to business bulk users is no coincidence when looking at their popularity. Personally, I recommend Emachines or Compaqs to small businesses as you get just as good quality for less.

I would not consider one for home use as there are much better for similar prices (Medion). If I were kitting up a company with 200 computers I would consider Dell but only for their discounts. Small above.


  Forum Editor 19:20 22 Apr 2004

when they decided to use only Intel processors in their computers. At a stroke they cut themselves off from those computer users who favour AMD processors for various reasons. At the time there was a chorus of "they'll be sorry", but that hasn't happened. Dell is one of the world's largest computer manufacturing companies, with 46,000 employees. Dell pioneered online computer sales back in the mid 1990's and hasn't looked back - their website clocks up over 4 billion page requests a year (that's more than us).

There's a reason that Dell machines have become the corporate desktop computers of choice - they're competitively priced and extremely reliable.

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