Dell PC monitors

  goldstar31 19:25 22 Nov 2007

Never deal with dell products been looking at there new PC monitors online...SP2008WFP20"widescreen?
Are they as good as they say they are for quality
as I do a lot of photography and some 19" monitors they dont look nothing like what you have printed out.
I'm looking for a monitor that looks the same as the photo you have taken sharp and crisp.
appreciate info on dell products

  silverous 19:40 22 Nov 2007

If you want for photography then I'd suggest the dell Ultrasharp (if they still call it that) - bit extra but the best quality.

To be honest what you see on screen being close to the printer could easily be an issue of having the write profiles on your screen and printer, and even high quality screens might differ.

People who need print + screen to be close (e.g. professionals, designers) will calibrate their screen and their printer to ensure this.

Just depends how serious you are about them being close (printer + Screen).

  DieSse 19:42 22 Nov 2007

"some 19" monitors they dont look nothing like what you have printed out."

If you mean colourwise - then that's a very difficult nut to crack - as monitors and printers use entirely different colour principles.

The best thing to do is to adjust your monitor, via colour/brightness/contrast/etc controls, to look as close to the printout as possible,

Bear in mind the printout will vary a lot dependant on the type of paper, the ink, the print parameters you choose.

Dell monitors are generally reckoned to be very good - in monitors you tend to get what you pay for.

  Migwell 19:53 22 Nov 2007

I don't have a Dell monitor but when I got a Medion 19" monitor for Christmas last year, I had lots of problems getting the printed out photograph to look the same as the monitor display.

I asked for a Pantone Huey monitor calibration unit for my birthday in July and this has sorted out the display difficulties I was having. I now get a very good matched printout to that of the display by way of it controlling the Hugh, Tone and Gamma. It also takes into account the ambiant light while you are viewing your monitor and will perform alterations as the light changes. I feel that this will also help with any monitor weather it be Dell or any other make. I know I am now happy with the results of my photograph printing. Even photographs taken by a professional photographer of my Daughters wedding that I have re-printed (as we bought the copyright and have the CD), since having the Huey have come out better than the expencive professional lab jobs in the official album at the time.

Regards Migwell

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