Dell parts for a new pc help

  Flemingjp 12:47 11 Aug 2010

I have a dell dimeson 3000 which is not beast of a machine. I have upgraded its ram from 512 mb to 2gb. I want to build my own pc but for bugdet use the parts from this machine. The motherboard will be better along with the hard drive, video card, cpu and possibly the dvd drive.

I want to do some overclocking on the unit but in the current dell model the BIOS are locked. If i used a new motherboard + other parts will i have the bios from the new motherboard or will i still be tied down?

Thanks flemingjp

  gengiscant 13:11 11 Aug 2010

The bios is tied to the motherboard,so the bios will come with the motherboard.The motherboard will need to be the same socket number as your CPU.If you use a new motherboard it will be necessary to reinstall windows and of course activate it.

What is your budget?
What CPU-graphics card are you using?

  Flemingjp 13:17 11 Aug 2010

Curently I'm on my mobile but from memory I believe my graphics card is intergrated andmy budget is about 250 pounds uk

  Flemingjp 13:20 11 Aug 2010

P.s I do own a copy of xp that came with my pc

  gengiscant 13:32 11 Aug 2010

If you could post your CPU specs later,I'll have a look for mobo etc.

  Flemingjp 13:37 11 Aug 2010

To be honest my cpu is only a single core and an intel cpu

Id rather with a amd 2.8 ghz cpu dual/quad core.

But I do want it to support 4 memory slots with a socketl to support drr pc2700u ram


  retep888™ 13:53 11 Aug 2010

<<P.s I do own a copy of xp that came with my pc>>

If you meant this was the one that came with the Dell then bad news ,you won't be able to use it with the new motherboard.

If your Dell is the one according to click here then there'll be a lot of modifications you have to make.

All modern motherboards nowadays won't support your DDR1 Rams anymore and your PSU is a little bit weak as well.

Your £250 budget is a real challenge.

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