Dell part s and labour warranty

  lilythepink 19:40 15 Jun 2008

I have a thin red line down running vertically down my laptop screen, and between googling and using the pcadvisor forums, it seems it is a "back to dell job" As I am just a month out of my one year warranty. Have Dell laptops got a parts guarantee, that I could claim off.

  woodchip 20:12 15 Jun 2008

It comes under not fit for purpose. Under Consumer Rights Legislation. You should get it done free from where you bought the Laptop

  lilythepink 20:58 15 Jun 2008

I bought it from the Dell website. Is it consumer right that it is not fit for purpose, even though it is out of warranty.

  Kaacee 21:52 15 Jun 2008

I had a similar problem with a Dell laptop, the screen just went haywire, it was out of warranty but i argued politely but forcefully that it is nothing to do with warranty but as woodchip says "fit for purpose", my laptop was 16 months old and although they tried to say it was not covered by warranty i insisted they repair it because it was obviously not fit for purpose, in the end they send a technician to my home and he installed a new screen FREE of Charge.

Persist with your claim and they will hopefully repair or replace it for you.

  ventanas 21:59 15 Jun 2008

Just have a word with Dell, I'm sure they will be sympathetic. They will usually help if the item is not too far on from the warranty expiry.

As for the not fit for purpose argument, after more than a year, not in my world.

  woodchip 08:59 16 Jun 2008

what I said above is a legal requirement and can be up to 6 years but you may have to pay a part of the cost if its a few years

  lilythepink 16:15 16 Jun 2008

I am going to persist with the fit for purpose, as they have already said they will provide me with the cost as it is out of warranty. My previous laptop broke down as well, and low and behold the warranty did not cover it. It was going cost nearly £300 just to look at it. I will persist and will let you know what happens.

thanks for all the help

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