Dell or PC Specialist

  haricot 20:01 15 Aug 2007

Having received lots of very good advice from you guys in this brilliant P C Advisor Forum set-up, I have now decided on a " bunch of kit "(Desktop Wise) shown on the sites of both Dell and PC Specialist. This comes to approx £450/£500.

What I would now like , if I'm not being too greedy, is a bit of further advice and indeed personal experience from anyone who has had personal dealings or who has bought gear from either or both to tell me :-
1)Who makes the best performing most reliable

2)Who gives the better After Sales Service.

Many thanks in advance if I am fortunate enough to get any replies to this.

  Head hurts 20:08 15 Aug 2007

our company use dell at work and have little or indeed no problems that i can recall with them the only issues we have is with software so although i would recommend dell for reliability cannot say what their after sales is like because we employ an it company to look after everything

  Clapton is God 21:08 15 Aug 2007

Dell (first class reliability) - are there any other PC manufacturers??

An example of their after sales service:

A couple of years ago I bought a new Dell laptop for my daughter to take to University. I also bought Dell's 3-year accidental damage warranty (my theory being that students and laptops are not a good mix).

A few months after starting University, a heavy metal photo frame fell from a shelf onto the laptop keyboard - rendering the keyboard useless.

A quick 'phone call to Dell and 24 hours later an engineer turned up at my daughter's Hall of Residence and fitted a brand new keyboard.

Problem solved.

  hastelloy 08:25 16 Aug 2007

but would use PC Specialist again click here

  haricot 09:31 16 Aug 2007

Many thanks to "Clapton is God" and Marvin 42 for your responses. I appreciate them.
I would still be grateful for any other input on this subject if anyone can oblige.

  palinka 11:14 16 Aug 2007

bought 2 desktops recently from Dell. Excellent service; tho 2nd order was delayed - waiting for parts to arrive - but delivery was within 48 hrs of the parts coming back into stock. Was able to track entire process on-line, inc carrier's movements. No experience of after-sales.

  Al94 11:42 16 Aug 2007

My son contacted Dell this morning re getting a few minor problems on his hardworked student laptop fixed before the first year's warranty expires, loose hinges, screen going pink at times and battery stuffed - no problem apparently, it is being collected tomorrow and they have confirmed they will replace the battery as well under warranty.

  shellship 12:48 16 Aug 2007

I'm on my third Dell and have never had a need to test their after sales service as I've never had any problems.

  haricot 13:31 16 Aug 2007

Much thanks to palinka,A194 and shellship for their input.I am much obliged.

Anyone else's views would be appreciated perhaps on pc specialist but any views on either pc.spec: or Dell would still be much appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:52 16 Aug 2007

I have bought many Dell systems for people and have just had a 9200 with 24" screen and 3 Inspiron 1720s delivered (sadly not for me). The 9200 has an upgrade to 4 GB of RAM and an upgraded graphics card, it also has XP Pro added to it. All Dell computers are easy to upgraded and are rock solid. Their computers are very well priced, built like Darth Vader's briefcase and usually arrive within 5-10 working days. Communications are excellent and you'll get a phone call when the computer is about to be delivered. You usually have a choice of before noon or after noon delivery.

I cannot comment on their after sales service because none of the 40+ computers that I have ordered has ever had or developed a problem. The only down side is that occasionally their delivery time can go to 15-20 working days (seems to be mainly on the expensive-end laptops) and you do not get a warning email but you can check the progress of your order online or you can speak to a sales rep.



  Batch 14:27 16 Aug 2007

My first home PC (in 1988) was a Dell 286. Even back then it was a solid (very solid - the keyboard must have had a lump of lead in it)reliable machine. I think I did call upon their services a couple of times and things were fixed, no prob. But that was all a long time ago.

More recently I acquired (quite legally I hasten to add) a Dell laptop that was several years old. I was very pleased to find that the Dell website still had all the drivers, manuals etc., applicable to that specific model, available off their website.

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