Dell or Evesham

  FatboySlim71 23:04 14 Feb 2006

I am in the market for a high spec PC, both the PC's that I cannot decide between don't have monitors which is what I want as I already have a monitor. I have two PC's in mind, a Dell XPS 600 and Evesham Evolution Xcaliber Plus, I have configured both the PC's to the same spec or as near as dam it.

I am of the opinion of Dell, that they must be good relable stable PC's as nearly every bank or office has Dell computers, but I have read a lot of things on the net that say Dell has poor customer service, I have read many good things about Evesham having really good customer service, but I do not know what sort of reliability or how stable they are

Has I have mentioned both the PCs have been configured to the same or very similar spec, its just I cannot decide between the two.

  Les 23:38 14 Feb 2006

I have had at least 4 computers from Evesham over the years, always had good service and good machines.

  FatboySlim71 23:45 14 Feb 2006

Les, I take it you still have an Evesham PC, if so do you have any problems with your PC freezing or crashing or unexplainable high CPU usage for no reason, its just my current PC suffers from all these on a regular basis.

  007al 23:53 14 Feb 2006

How old is your current pc? Have you tried any remedies for the freezing and CPU usage before buying a new one?

  Les 00:00 15 Feb 2006

My present computer is a Dominator with and AMD processor and 1 gig memory - fast and reliable - crossed fingers 8-)). As I said I've only had satisfaction from Evesham - perhaps I'm just lucky but I doubt that! Very occasional freezing but always due to stupidity on my part!

Quote: unexplainable high CPU usage. I can't answer this one I'm afraid - I haven't noticed anything odd in it's performance and it has a hell of a lot of programs on the taskbar loaded at startup - doesn't seem to have any effect. Frequently I'm waiting for the computer to do an action required only to find that it already has!!

For once, I'm satisfied with a computer - and that is a first, believe me.

  FatboySlim71 00:02 15 Feb 2006

I have had the PC sent back twice in 6 months, All the manafacturer keeps saying is that they have had it on test and it did not develope any of them faults, so they put it down to some software that I have on it, which could be right, but my last PC had the exact same programs running on it and I never had problems like this.

The PC is not stable enough for me by far and I am sick and tiried of it. My PC is a Cube, it was my first and last cube pc, far enough they use top quality/brands of components, but I think that could be some of the cause of the problem, as my last pc did not have the same top quality parts in it, but it worked excellently, just wish I had kept it now.

  FatboySlim71 00:12 15 Feb 2006

Evesham do sound good, has anyone any opinions on the PC I have from Dell.

  FatboySlim71 00:12 15 Feb 2006

The PC I am interested in at Evesham is the Evolution Xcaliber Plus which I have configuired with a Intel Pentium D 950 dual core 3.4 ghz and 2gb of ram

  Forum Editor 00:21 15 Feb 2006

and provided there are no hardware incompatibilities it will run smoothly. Big suppliers like Dell and Evesham have the experience to know which components work well together, so unless there's a hardware fault somewhere, computers from both companies will be stable.

The fact is that the vast majority of instability problems stem from user-installed software or incorrect system settings, and any major supplier will bear that out. Some people are inveterate tinkerers,they love to try out all kinds of programs, often downloading stuff from the internet without giving a moment's thought to whether or not the software is from a trustworthy source. Then they tweak away at the operating system, trying this setting and that configuration, until the poor machine doesn't know whether it's coming or going.

I'm not suggesting that you fall into this category, just that it's a common cause of computer problems. I see lots of so-called faulty computers, and almost all of them are fine; the problems are down to random software conflicts and viruses/trojans/spyware/browser hijacks.

Both Dell and Evesham make excellent computers, and both companies try hard to provide a high standard of customer service. Dell is the world's largest manufacturer of computers, and Evesham has a good reputation, both for the quality of its machines and its customer support system.

You can buy from either company with confidence - you will probably never need any after-sales support in any case.

  stlucia 08:34 15 Feb 2006

I've had an Evesham for many years, and I've had no problem with it. I've added and/or upgraded drives, burner, memory, PSU with no problem.

I'm sure Dell are just as reliable, but haven't I read on this forum that they're less user-friendly when you want to upgrade them?

  Dellman 10:03 15 Feb 2006

Have you tried MESH????

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