Dell Optiplex GX260 Graphics Card.

  MAJ 12:32 23 Oct 2010

I'm fixing up an old (2003) Dell Optiplex GX260 for a friend. The onboard graphics chip has died, so I need to source a graphics card to replace it. The motherboard has an AGP 1 slot (old, I know) and a PCI slot, but the card needs to be a low profile model and have a VGA-out socket. Does anyone know where to get [cheaply] such a thing or does anyone have one lying around that they would take a bad price for?

  gengiscant 12:50 23 Oct 2010

Something like this, click here
or this click here

  onthelimit 12:50 23 Oct 2010
  northumbria61 12:52 23 Oct 2010

You could take your pick from here click here

  MAJ 13:43 23 Oct 2010

gengiscant: Your first link is perfect, have just bought it.

onthelimit: that one uses a PCI-E slot, unfortunately the computer is too old to have one of those, the card also has a DVI-out connection rather than a VGA-out connection, but tahnks for finding it.

northumbria61: A lot of PCI-E cards, I did check Ebuyer initially but I think what I need is a little too old for them.

Hopefully the one I have choosen, thanks to gengiscant's link, will do the trick, I'll know in a few days. Thanks again, fellas.

  gengiscant 13:50 23 Oct 2010

Post back with results.

  MAJ 13:53 23 Oct 2010

Will do, gengiscant. :)

  MAJ 22:39 29 Oct 2010

Card arrived, I installed it and off things went, fits perfectly and works well. I suspect a power surge took out the graphics chip now Windows wont boot so some corruption there also, it might be the hard drive but it is accessable when installed in my desktop. My mate is searching for the restore disks as we speak. I did install a new hard drive and my old copy of XP and the computer booted and loaded Windows without problems, so at worst, a new hard drive will have it up and running again if the original hard drive is faulty. Thanks again for finding that link, gengiscant. :)

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