Dell Optiplex 320 reformat problem.

  birdface 22:45 06 Jul 2010

Just reformated a Dell Optiplex 320.
Now I thought that I would be smart and reformat it without an Internet connection.
I thought if I did it that way there would be less chance of picking up any Virus's when complete.
But unfortunately I can get no Internet connection from it so cannot download any drivers needed.
The question is would I be quicker reformating it again with the internet connected or searching for someway to download drivers for it.
some of the other ones without drivers are.PCI Device.SM Bus Controller.Universal serial bus usb controller Video controller.
I have an ethernet modem connection with V/Media but it cannot find or connect to it.
Would another reformat with internet connection fix it or do I have to look elsewhere.

  Ashrich 23:01 06 Jul 2010

Re-formatting wipes the hard drive clean , with or without an internet connection , unless the OS you are loading has the correct drivers for the ethernet port you will get nothing . Download the appropriate drivers for the ethernet port onto a USB key and load them from there , then you will have internet access .


  birdface 00:35 07 Jul 2010

A little bit of a problem when I type the make and model i get this.

click here

And when i enter a service tag I get this.

click here

Now should I be looking for drivers from Dell or drivers from Virginmedia.
And can someone point out the actual drivers I need to get started.
Not realy got a clue as to what I am doing.
Not got a USB key or whatever you call it.I have a external drive that I have not used can I download onto that then transfer them to the dell computer.
And how would I be able to unzip them if need be.

  birdface 11:41 07 Jul 2010

Tried another reformat with the Internet Connection switched on but it made no difference.
it does not recognize the ethernet connection
So not sure what to do next.
So cannot run Windows Updates.
Any suggestions.
I have an external drive that I could use on this computer and transfer to the dell although I have never tried anything like that before.

  birdface 12:30 07 Jul 2010

Dell does not recognize the external drive so another one of my great ideas has to be scrapped.

  tullie 13:07 07 Jul 2010

Dont worry about internet connection when reformatting,you wont have one.

  birdface 15:44 07 Jul 2010

Its getting it after reformatting that is the problem.

  Ashrich 18:34 07 Jul 2010

Windows has an inbuilt zip/unzip facility , use drivers for Vista for the basics ( USB ports , Ethernet etc. ) as it seems Windows 7 isn't officially supported . Not too sure why the USB isn't recognising the external hard drive , unless the usb ports Dell used on this machine aren't standard . Another thing you can do is to burn the drivers onto a CD or DVD and load them that way .


  Ashrich 18:39 07 Jul 2010

click here for Vista 32bit drivers , network\broadcom 440x 10\100 , for starters .


  birdface 18:51 07 Jul 2010

XP Pro are they just the same.

Is this what you mean and is it just the top 2 Broadcom ones or all 4.
As you can see I don't have much of a clue or I would have saved the drivers before I formated it.
I use W/7 and the Dell XP Pro.

click here

  Ashrich 19:11 07 Jul 2010

For Windows 7 I would use the Vista drivers , obviously for XP pro the XP ones . For w7 just download the driver I suggested , Broadcom 440x 10\100 , for the ethernet port .


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