Dell Notepad monitor blank

  Terry Brown 14:21 24 Jun 2005

I have a dell notepad which boots up OK,but the monitor is blank. Tried connecting to an external monitor, but the external monitor connection connector on the dell is to shallow (i.e. The casing on the plus stops the pins going all the way in and connecting to the video out. This is even with the screws fully tightened. Is there an adapter or can you suggest a way around this. Thank You

  bobss 14:54 24 Jun 2005

You can toggle the screen in one of three ways. Hit Function (Fn) then (this varies) f3 f4 or f5-you should see a monitor icon on the key, this gives you monitor only, then no monitor but external monitor or monitor and external as well. Hope this makes sense.

  Terry Brown 17:16 24 Jun 2005

Thanks Bobss- The problem is the pins on the monitor plug are not touching the connections on the dell notepad, I need some way (or an apapter) to make them connect, I don't want to throw the computer away if it is only a monitor problem as it is used mainly in one position at home; however to buy a new moniter (and have it fitted would cost more than the computer is worth.)

  jack 19:54 24 Jun 2005

Browse - click here.
take a look at their connector line up.

  Terry Brown 19:43 28 Jun 2005

Jack-- is an advertising page (rip off from the maplin name-- The address I think you meant was click here ---Terry

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