Dell Monitor on W98SE Gateway

  David4637 14:21 09 Oct 2009

I currently have a CRT Monitor for my Gateway 2000 Desktop running W98SE. I have been given a 17 inch Dell Monitor Model No 1703FPs (March 2004 vintage - works fine when I plug it into my laptop on external connection). What do I need to get this Dell monitor to run on the Gateway PC- do I need a dell driver? Simple instructions please. Thanks David

  David4637 14:22 09 Oct 2009

Should have said the monitor is a LCD, think it may be kinder on my eyes than the CRT. David

  Quiller. 14:30 09 Oct 2009

Try the driver click here

and instructions click here

  wiz-king 14:37 09 Oct 2009

Just try it - it might work as is.

  David4637 14:51 09 Oct 2009

Thanks for your fast reply. The page won't let me download it, the page is displayed ok, do I need to log in, problem is I dont have any invoice details for the LCD. Thanks David

  David4637 14:54 09 Oct 2009

Thanks for info, but Gateway PC wanted a driver, and this morning I did not know and still don't know how to choose the right one. Any help gratefully received. Thanks David

  woodchip 15:31 09 Oct 2009

It should boot as a Generic monitor, but set the refresh rate to 60Hz only. you will have to set the monitor to best resolution it will run at if your graphics card will support it

  Quiller. 17:00 09 Oct 2009

click here uploaded.

It says it's for 2000 and xp but try it.

  David4637 14:02 10 Oct 2009

1. Could you please confirm the origin of driver, in your latest post, because the driver on the Dell web page (W98) is 119KB, whereas the one you uploaded is 66KB. I will try the Dell driver from your first link first.

2. How can I find out which monitor driver was used for the CRT (Vivitron 1776), incase I need to use it again if things go pear shaped? Thanks for ALL your help. David

  Quiller. 14:51 10 Oct 2009

The exe has to be zipped before it is allowed to be uploaded. So the compressed file is reduced from 119Kb to 66Kb.

The file is for windows 200 and XP but may be worth trying.

  woodchip 22:10 10 Oct 2009

Windows 98 will not accept a XP Driver. Thats a Fact. I know as I use it as my main OS though I have it Dual Booted with XP Home and have two other XP Home Computer 98se is what I do nearly all my work on. In fact I just updated the CPU for £5 from a Athlon 1600+ Palomino cpu to a Barton 2500 from a computer fair

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