dell monitor power-on beep / parp sound bugn me

  Cosmic Guerilla 22:47 05 Mar 2003

I am using a dell xp pc and dell monitor.

Every time that I power on the monitor it gives a very loud beep (more like a 'parp') sound through the internal speaker within the monitor
(at least I think that's where the speaker is - it's not using the sound card speakers).

Does anyone know how to disable this sound as I find it really !%¿!؟‡‼$*ing annoying sometimes?

Or, maybe I just need to learn to chill out more?

  powerless 22:53 05 Mar 2003

The sound is probably from the base, where all the hardware is. Including the speaker (buzzer).

One beep is normal...

You could disbale it by going into the BIOS when your computer starts...Press Delete a few times to enter the BIOS.

Look for "internal Speaker" (something like that) and disable it.

  Cosmic Guerilla 23:43 05 Mar 2003

I checked the bios and there is nothing there to help me.

Actually, the monitor beeps from a speaker that is inside it even if I just turn on the monitor and the rest of the system is off.

It is a very loud beep and I would really like to be able to get rid of it.

  tenor 08:15 06 Mar 2003

Whip the back off and unplug the speaker!

  Andsome 08:22 06 Mar 2003

My new computer also gives out one single beep on start up, but why on earth this should be a cause of annoyance is completely beyond me. What does irritate me is constant loud pop over almost every TV program, and on almost every call centre, whilst waiting to be put through. Now these are really causes for complaint, not a single beep to let you know that your computer is on.

  Cosmic Guerilla 19:16 06 Mar 2003

Thanks for that suggestion tenor. Yeah I guess it may be straight forward to try something like that.

However, I believe that monitors carry extremely high voltages (sometimes even when they are off). I’ve heard that if you don’t know what you are doing when working inside a monitor you could get electrocuted to such an extent that you wind up dead :-(

It may perhaps be simple to just whip the back off and rip the speaker out but I was hoping someone may have encountered this problem and resolved it by some hidden screen setting etc.

Andsome, yeah I know the type of low boot up beeps you are talking about. I wouldn’t even notice those. Believe me, this is a lot louder than the system beeps from the main unit on start up.

  graham 19:30 06 Mar 2003

If you get electrocuted you always wind up dead!

  graham 19:45 06 Mar 2003

Dell support is here click here

  cracker23 19:48 06 Mar 2003

I know what you mean,I've had my Dell 4 weeks and the monitor makes the same sound as yours when switched on.It's definately from the monitor and not the pc.Dont know what(if anything)you can do about it though.

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