Dell Latitude D505 running very slowly.

  ardeebee 17:01 25 May 2012

My recently acquired(secondhand) Dell Latitude D505 laptop is running extremely slowly - almost to the point of stopping completely. It seemed OK until I installed AVGfree antivirus and a wireless "dongle". There is no other antivirus installed and very few other programs. Details are: Windows XP Pentium M 1.60GHz/600MHz Current CPU speed 600MHz Level 2 cache 2048KB System memory 256MB @ 333MHz Although the hard drive is relatively small (30GB) it is more than 50% free. I have reloaded the operating system and all of the appropriate drivers etc from Dell. Whenever I closedown the computer it tells me that "Program.....Sample" is running and prompts me to "Close Now". I have no idea what this program is. Any suggests would be welcomed.

  Terry Brown 21:12 25 May 2012

If you read the spefications it is designated as a NOTEBOOK, not a full blooded computer, for Business use.

In other words for taking around and using sreadsheets and Word processor services, It is not meant to be a machine that will play games or run HD video.

It uses a 'Cut down' processor, has only 256 memory (XP normally requires at least 1gb), and with a 30gb harddrive, it is not big enough to do anything other than office work.

Sorry for the bad news.


  lotvic 00:08 26 May 2012

It's an okay for general use notebook, certainly a lot more powerful than my little Levano that only takes max of 768MB ram and is running Office 2007, Not lighting fast but usable also with Avast antivirus and I can watch DVD's on it etc. no problem.

Your Dell D505 Put some more ram in. Motherboard will take max of 2GB (2 sticks of 1GB)

From the Specs pdf: Memory: Double Date Rate (DDR) SDRAM (shared) at 333MHz (PC2700); Standard - 128MB;

Maximum - 2.0GB: Memory module capacities - 128, 256, 512MB and 1G

ClickHere Mr Memory for idea of what it will cost. (get a 'kit of 2' modules as a guaranteed MATCHED PAIR - it will work better)

How to fit it ClickHere Service Manual

  lotvic 00:17 26 May 2012

All I could find about Sample.exe ClickHere

Quote/:"sample.exe issue is usually caused after the Intel PROset has been installed
this is supposed to be a program made for configuring Intel PRO wireless network cards and I believe that most people install it while troubleshooting a problem in their wireless network.

To stop sample.exe "End Program" messages on logoff/shutdown and improve system performance, the intelPRO set must be installed.

Click start --> Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs

and run the uninstallation of the Intel PROset." /end of quote

  ardeebee 16:56 26 May 2012

Thanks to Terry Brown & Lotvic for their prompt responses. I am only intending to use the laptop for general wireless surfing whilst away from my usual "office environment" so the restrictions wouldn't be a problem if the machine was running at anything like a "normal" speed. I don't do gaming or HD videos but I will have a look at upgrading the RAM anyway.

Will uninstalling the Intel PRO software (that you say is causing the "End Program...Sample" message) impact on my ability to use my wireless connection?

  lotvic 18:16 26 May 2012

Depends, how do you connect at the moment? Is Windows managing the connection or the extra downloaded Intel PRO software?

If you stop the Intel PRO connection manager you will go back to the Windows connection manager. Maybe it would be better to just stop it running in Control Panel > Admin Tools > 'Services' then you can always start it again if you find you need it.

I'll fire up my Levano to see what settings are in that (Levano is using O2's connection manager at the moment - installed because I had a dongle attached when away from home, but now no longer use the dongle but haven't bothered to uninstall it so have been using it's manager to connect to my home WiFi)

In the meantime have a read of ClickHere although it's W7 the details and instructions given are for XP, though you would be doing the opposite of course. The following is a quote from link:

"The user guide is old and shows how to do it in XP, not sure if it will work with Win 7 but worth a try.

To disable Microsoft Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration as your wireless manager:

1 Click Start > Control Panel.

2 Double-click Network Connections.

3 Right-click Wireless Network Connection.

4 Click Properties.

5 Click Wireless Networks.

6 Verify that the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings is not selected. If it is, clear it.

7 Click OK. This confirms that the Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless utility is configured to manage your network profiles."

I'll be back later on, got stuff to do now.

  ardeebee 15:25 30 May 2012

Thanks for this, Lotvic. I'll give it a try. All that I know is that the Intel Pro software was part of the driver etc downloads offered by Dell for this laptop. Thanks again.

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