Dell Laptops

  pctwonk 13:14 08 Apr 2007

Are they any good ?

Reading the mag it suggests that intel processors are the best, but Dell Inspiron use AMD Sempron or whatever it is.

The rest of the spec seems really good 1024 RAM in a £400 laptop, 80 GB hard disk.

But is the processor worth it.

All the laptops with intel at this price only have 512 RAM.

What's the best way to go ?

  johndrew 13:51 08 Apr 2007

As a general rule, if the manufacturer is well known and the specification is high the price will follow. Also, generally, you get more for your money with AMD processors than Intel because they are cheaper.

If it is any help, my daughter bought a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pa 1510 from John Lewis at Christmas. The spec for this laptop is quite good click here and the price was £599 with a 2 year warranty. I`m not certain if it is still available but the group does provide a good range at competitive prices, this is also true of many other suppliers.

You could browse click here for prices and click here for reviews. But at the end of the day it is what you want to use the laptop for and whether it suits your needs that counts.

  Kate B 14:07 08 Apr 2007

"Also, generally, you get more for your money with AMD processors than Intel because they are cheaper." Not true. The dual-core processors are superior to anything AMD has on the market at the moment.

  bremner 14:11 08 Apr 2007

Dell make very good if somewhat uninspiring machines.

The cheapest end of the Dell range use AMD processors because they are cheap and therefore keep the price down. The Inspiron 6400's use Intel Core Duo's and Core 2 Duo's and cost a little more. click here

If your budget extends far enough go for one of those

  Belatucadrus 14:22 08 Apr 2007

Depends to some extent what you want to do with it, if it's the usual answer of websurfing and word processing then there isn't a machine available today that can't do that. If however you're looking at high end games and video processing you may need to stretch the budget a bit further.

  johndrew 15:22 08 Apr 2007

`The dual-core processors are superior to anything AMD has on the market at the moment.`

But pricewise?

  pctwonk 19:58 08 Apr 2007

Thanks all [ sorry about duplicating, Kate, I won't do it again ;-) ]

If the dual core processors are worth the extra, do I need to stretch to 1GB of RAM ? I was hoping that the extra RAM with the Dell would more than compensate for the processor.

I don't run games on it. I just hate a machine to be sluggish.

I'm on a really tight budget, if I need to increase my budget, can I go anywhere & get a good improvement without doubling the cash ?

  pctwonk 20:19 08 Apr 2007

'Dell make very good if somewhat uninspiring machines.'

If I go up to the 6400 I can get 1GB RAM as well as intel, for about £450.

I can afford that. Are there any more 'inspiring ' manufacturers that can do something similar at a reasonable price ?

PS Thanks for all the replys everyone

  wnicholaw 17:30 14 Sep 2007

I am about to buy a Laptop to take with me to University in a couple of weeks, and although I have read mixed reviews on both, i find myself in a dilema. I can't decide whether to get a Mac Book (the 13inch), or a Dell. Could anyone help me decide? I am a typical student who wants to do work, listen music and surf the net (talking to my friends). Thanx.

  Totally-braindead 17:40 14 Sep 2007

wnicholaw you would be better starting your own thread rather than taking over someone elses.
Have you used a Mac and a PC? They really are very different.
Depending on what course you are doing you might find one or other of them have the advantage.
For all the basics such as word processing etc either would do.
I'm a gamer so really theres no choice for me it has to be a PC as the choice of Mac games is limited. And although I know very little about Macs there does appear to me to be a much larger choice of software available for PCs so a PC would be my preference.
What I suggest is phone the University and ask what they recommend for the degree you are doing. It will probably be a PC they recommend but lets face it they will be the ones who know what you need.

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