dell laptop wont start up

  thefuse 15:41 12 Mar 2005

a friend told me i should completely run down the battery on my laptop from time to time so i did last night and today,after charging for an hour, it still wont start starts to come on but then dies off.
do i need to charge it for hours?

  User-312386 15:47 12 Mar 2005

yes charge it for at least 4 hours

  thefuse 15:52 12 Mar 2005

thanks, was getting a bit worried there :)

  FelixTCat 16:38 12 Mar 2005

You can run the laptop whilst it is on mains power and it will still charge the battery, only more slowly. The battery charge indicator will tell you when charging is complete.

You may also find that the mains power indicator light on the laptop changes colour when the charge is complete (often yellow to green)

  thefuse 19:00 13 Mar 2005

its still not starting even after several hours of charge and when i remove the mains lead, the battery appears to have been drained.on the mains, it comes on but goes off after about a second

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 13 Mar 2005

Check this is not a computer fault rather than battery fault.

Remove battery and boot laptop on mains, does it work?

It may be locked in hibernate from when youran the battery down.

Insert battery and leave charging overnight.

Laptop Batteries
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  thefuse 22:38 19 Mar 2005

we shorted the battery and it was fine after that.

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