Dell Laptop - Possible Hard Drive Problem?

  georgemac © 17:21 06 Jan 2007

My daughter has a Dell Laptop - an Inspiron 6000. Recently she has been getting crashes leading to BSOD, but I did a check of the drive and it had no errors - 60 gbyte hard drive.

Today it will not load windows, there is a quick message on the screen but flashes past so quickly I cannot read it, I think it is booting to a Dell partition but I get no prompt or messages.

I am now in the Dell diagnostic software, which seems very good, and in the process of testing the hard drive, which seems to be passing all tests except the confidence test but shows no errors. I will update on this later.

I think the machine may just be out of it's 1 year warranty, is there any point in trying Dell to replace or supply a replacement hard drive, electronics can be reasonably expected to last 6 years?

If I do have to replace the hard drive, is this simple to do - I have built many desktops but never been inside a laptop before.

Thanks for any advice.

  PaulB2005 17:23 06 Jan 2007

When you start up after the BIOS screen hit f8 and you should get some options. One should be Disable Automatic Restart on Failure. Select that and it'll reboot and when the error occurs it should stop long enough for you to read it.

If the menu appears but the option isn't there try hitting F8 again as this can bring up extra options.

  georgemac © 17:44 06 Jan 2007

did F8 and tried to boot to safe mode with same results

will check for the other options tomorrow and also try and boot from a CD and see what happens

  georgemac © 10:29 07 Jan 2007

Tried Disable Automatic Restart on Failure - same results - just a blank screen

I am now hunting for the Dell backup disks to see if it will boot off the CD or will try my XP home disc.

  georgemac © 12:59 07 Jan 2007

In recovery console I used chkdsk and it found one or more errors on the drive, I used chkdsk /r but it never said if it could repair the errors

I tried all kinds of things in recovery console but could not get it to boot, and could not get it to boot using any of the advanced options on the XP load page.

The original message was loading PBR2 which I assume is partition Boot Record 2 which is some Dell partition?

Installing XP again never gave me the repair option, so I have deleted congig, boot and nt files in the C drive, and booted from the XP CD, now have the option to delete the exisiting windows installation and install again without reformat of the hard drive - this is ongoing.

My next question is are there any good utilities I can use to scan and try and repair any bad sectors on the hard drive if it get's this far?

  georgemac © 08:06 08 Jan 2007

The install went fine, none of the previous apps working all will need reinstalled.

All the drivers were still on the hard drive in the dell drivers folders so were installed from there.

The only diagnostic tools I could find were seagates seatools, which I ran which showed the Toshiba hard disk was fine, but still had some errors.

I then used the windows option to scan the hard drive and fix all errors but missed the report at the end, but it did say that the disk was good.

I have all the windows updates installed - now the tedious process of installing all the apps again - I really should back up the hard drives with an imaging application.

  mymate 09:45 08 Jan 2007

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