Dell Laptop partition?

  Simsy 10:13 29 Jul 2008


I've agreed to "clean up" a laptop for a friend that is running really slow. It's not one I've looked at before and I don't know much about it's history...

It's a Dell Inspiron 6000, with a Celeron 1.4Gig processor, and a 40Gig HDD.

The owner is away for a a while and unreachable, (and not knowledgeable about what's going on in the box anyway). I have permission to do a complete reinstall if I think it necessary... I've not decided on that yet, (but it's looking that way)

I've all the data backed up and I've yet to look into the restore method. (I've never handled a Dell laptop before). There's no CD, but a recovery partition...

My query is that there seems to be a third partition on the HDD and it's not at all obvious to me what it is. It currently is listed as an Unkown partition, see this image;
click here
It would appear to contain approx 2.5 Gig of data, but I don't know what. The option to allocate it a drive letter, (so I can see what it contains), is "greyed out"

Does anyone know what this might be? Does it pertain to Dells recovery system, as the first partition obviously does?

I'm concerned about loosing what it contain during any formatting that recovery might initiate.

With apologies if I don't reply to any responses quickly... I'm "multitasking" today!

Thanks in advance,



  Belatucadrus 10:41 29 Jul 2008

Have a look at the user manual page 73, should be accessible via desktop icon. If not search for pdf ref D8833A00.pdf, probably located at C:\dell\docs\manual\D8833A00.pdf it explains the Dell system recovery of which these hidden partitions are a part.

  Eric10 10:46 29 Jul 2008

Also, this link explains about the two partitions click here

The section headed "Analyzing Your System" is relevant as it starts:

"Dell computers now come with two hidden partitions: a Utility partition and a Restore partition."

  Simsy 11:06 29 Jul 2008

Belatucadrus it's a slightly differnt manual. Though the recovery information does appear on page 73, it doesn't explain the partitions. Thank you though>

Eric 10, that seems to cover it nicely.




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