A Dell laptop heater

  dlguk 16:09 13 Feb 2014

I recently posted a thread regarding a hot SSD but as it transpired it was not the fault of the said device. I have replaced the drive with a similar model which uses half the current and whilst doing so I noticed how hot the copper pipe (like thin Microbore) was. I take that to be part of the CPU cooling system. Over a year ago when I installed the first 840 SSD I was amazed at how seldom the fan came on. Now if I have a few web pages and email open I have a hand warmer. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron R 17 with a 3rd gen. i7 processor obviously well capable of serious computing. I am beginning to think that it has been dropped (not by me) and the contact between the CPU and cooling system have parted company (just a guess). As I type this using Word the underside of the machine is quite warm. Any takers :)


  Secret-Squirrel 16:53 13 Feb 2014

The fan and/or the vents could be clogged up with dust, fluff and other debris. It's a common occurrence. The quickest and safest way to rectify this problem is to use a can of compressed air - see here for full details including photos.

  dlguk 18:21 13 Feb 2014

Thank you for that, I have performed that operation on my desktop PC on a few occasions. I do have my doubts but once I get a suitable screwdriver I will take the machine apart to try dust removing.

I will keep you posted, ty.


  Secret-Squirrel 19:31 13 Feb 2014

".......once I get a suitable screwdriver I will take the machine apart..."

Oooh err Dave - I wouldn't recommend that as a first course of action. A can of air from Maplin's will cost less than a tenner, or a lot cheaper from other sources. You then can follow the advice in my link. Most of the time it does the trick, and if not, then as a last resort you can think about the potentially risky, fiddly, and time-consuming task of taking your laptop apart.

  rdave13 19:42 13 Feb 2014

Agree with Secret-Squirrel. Laptops aren't easy to undo to get at parts, especially the CPU. My laptop was destroyed by a good whack on the keyboard and the motherboard was cracked. It still worked if you didn't breathe near it but was eventually recycled.

If the fan is still working hard and the SSD is getting hotter than hell then the damage that's been done is to the thermal paste connection from the mobo to the CPU in my humble opinion. I would suggest taking it to a repairer that can do the job rather than trying yourself.

Might be expensive, though, unless you know of a local company that will do it for you.

  dlguk 22:30 13 Feb 2014

Ok, I have a can of air but I really don’t think it is that. I will however take you advice and give it a good work out, if it keeps getting hotter I will put it in for repair.

Thank you both

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